Our Facilitators

Olalekan O John

Olalekan John Ogunsola is a visionary leader, dogged researcher, authentic to the bone, and a consummate professional. John is a generous collaborator, an innovative thinker, and a patient counselor. His genuine kindness and deep generosity of spirit make his network a better place to be.

He is consistently striving for excellence in all that he does for the youth as well as the students and his generation at large. He is an exceptional facilitator and mentor who trains all audiences with facts from reliable figures based on proven, tested and approved universal laws and principles.

As an alumnus of the University of Ado-Ekiti (UNAD) – now Ekiti State University, many of his colleagues attest to his ability to seamlessly juggle multiple tasks at once.

Also, he is honing his personal skills and financial profession coupled with entrepreneurial competencies through follow-on training as an international professional student_ in the ACCA program. He is an Internal Auditor with Smackers Limited – a restaurant and hospitality business in Lagos, Nigeria.

Olalekan John Ogunsola fondly called OO JOHN is the pioneer of Millionaires Club Foundation – an NGO and the CEO of Generational Solutions. The simplicity, gentility, and dynamism of life formed his driving ideology about life.

He is the husband of a beautiful and glorious lady –  Oluwakamiye; the father of two children (Oromijasope and Oromijasire) and a mentor to many prodigies. He pursues making everyone ambassador of the kingdom of God in his generation.

Ismail Gbadamosi

Ismail Gbadamosi is a Neuroscience Ph.D. fellow at the Department of Anatomy, University of Ilorin. He has a passion for education, research, and physical fitness. He is popularly known as Dr. GIT.

He currently heads the histopathology department of the central research laboratories in Ilorin. His current research work is geared towards developing an efficacious therapy for the management of neurodegenerative disorder.

He is a young prolific researcher and a prolific writer who has published over 25 scientific publications. He is a certified project manager, fitness coach, public orator and ambassador to the International Society of neurochemistry.

He is a member of the following professional bodies,

International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN)

American Society for Neurochemistry (ASN)

Neuroscience Society of Nigeria (NSN)

Anatomical Society of Nigeria (ASN)

He has won several awards and grants such as,

Ernst Mach Scholarship award  for a split-site doctoral research fellowship at Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Travel grant from International Society for Neurochemistry to attend the 15th ISN Advanced School of Neurochemistry in conjunction with the ISN-ASN 2019 Meeting, in Montreal Canada

And a lot more.

Ayobami Atolagbe

Ayobami Atolagbe is a mindset coach, FOREX expert, and consultant currently living in Abuja, Nigeria. His interests range from entrepreneurship to technology and also interested in innovation, education, and causes. He has been having an effect on the lives of youngsters inside and outside the shores of Nigeria intentionally over the span of 10 years and still doing more today.

He is the founder/CEO of DEMOHub Global (a capacity building and financial intelligence firm), trains, coaches and guides on how to build the right mindset for productivity in all spheres of life and make money from a phone through trading FOREX.

Mr. Ayobami has filled in as a guest speaker at various youth programs, cooperate organizations (KRPC Kaduna, CIU Cyprus, A-Style Cyprus, HoD International, ServeLead Global, HEROES Nation, Women Undiluted Forum, MOGI Mentors, UNILAG ). He volunteers as the media specialist and manager for Servelead Global which has reached over 1000 persons in trainings, workshops, CRS like LeaderCom, SciCom, FundCom, i-Volunteers.., which is focused on the betterment of humanity.

You can click the button below to listen to my podcast and say hello through the link below: https://about.me/ayo_atolagbe

Amaka Donald-Ibe

Amaka Donald-Ibe is a bank worker with over 10 years of experience in one of Nigeria’s leading banks. She is a writer, a newly published author, and a teacher.

She helps people develop good money habits to deal with debt, change their family tree and groom godly kids with smart money skills to make an impact and also build wealth.

Founder, The Money Managershub, a personal finance training group.

Founder, The Money Managers, a community to help raise and inspire exceptional, influential and great minds globally to rewrite the right values of managing finance.

Blogger, AmakaDonald.com

Owner, The Money Managers Facebook page

Amaka is happily married to Donald. N. Ibe with three lovely kids.

Tolulope Makinde

Tolulope Makinde is a dynamic writer, an author, a passionate teacher, and a young social entrepreneur. He is also a certified caregiver and graduate of a B.Sc. Microbiology from the University of Ilorin.

He has a passion for teenagers and youth empowerment to make them independent and successful in life. He facilitates community development service that trains youths and students on skills acquisition, entrepreneurship, career and talent development. He is an innovative and visionary leader. He is the founder/president of Motivated Mankind: a network of young people (Entrepreneurs & Volunteers) who have a passion to impact their society with their skills, knowledge, and innovation; and an initiative to eradicate poverty and youth unemployment by promoting education and entrepreneurship.

He loves to impart knowledge and mentor youths on career planning, personal development, and self-discovery to fulfill their purpose in life. He is the author of The Science of Prosperity, The Act of Giving and Epignosis of Money.

Abisinuola Victoria

Abisinuola Victoria Ogundele was born in Ilorin on the 28th of September over two decades ago. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State. Abisinuola Victoria is the Founder of Restored Minds Initiative targeted at creating emotional stability in the world. She is also a writer, the author of Restored Minds Devotional and also wrote a book titled Leaving The Past Behind.

Abisinuola has worked and volunteered for several NGOs such as The Givers Club, Motivated Mankind, YALI Network, Lifewire Foundation, Valerie Chapman Home and presently one of the Technical members of Supernatural Gospel Crusader. She is the Acting Admin Officer of Supernatural Gospel Crusaders and the Anchor of Share My Pain with Vee, a popular online TV show powered by SGCTV.

Her active involvement in service to humanity has earned her several certifications and awards such as Community Impact Award organized by Jamie Pajoe, Understanding Girls and Women’s RightYALI Award. She has organized several Rural development Programmes, conferences and has visited several IDP camps in the past few years.

Olamide Blessing

Olamide Blessing is a young lady who loves the Lord with all her heart. She is a Sexual purity advocate who uses her interpersonal relationship skills and experience to teach the essence of abstinence, the importance of standing up for purity and help then see holiness as what can be attained. She has taught across so many platforms both online and offline and has influenced thousands of life irrespective of gender.

She is the founder of Temple Guard, She is a graduate of accounting from Ekiti State University and now works with one of the leading I.T firms in Lagos.

Moses Abayowa

Moses Abayowa is a Kingdom Influencer, Capacity Development Expert and Sales Trainer.

He is the convener of the You And Your Domain Conference, a movement designed to help people discover and fulfill their own part in God’s entire plan.

He helps individuals and organizations increase their influence and profitability through his highly impactful offline and online training tagged “Uncover Your Pot Of Soup and Sell It”, a training where highly simplified proven principles of potentials deployment and selling are well taught.

He is an Author, Engaging Speaker, and Writer.

He is happily married to his best friend and teammate, the amazing Funmilayo Abayowa and they are presently blessed with the great King Noah Abayowa.

Olawale Perfect

Olawale Perfect Lawal is a minister of good-news, a prolific author and teacher who has impacted several lives across the world. As a First Class Biochemistry graduate of the University of Lagos, with Postgraduate in Mass Communication, he has had the opportunity to speak to youths across Nigeria in seminars, conferences, schools, fellowships, churches, Radio, and Television programs. 

Among other things, he is the CEO of WISDOM GATE Communications (a dynamic movement that aims at building practical leaders by equipping them with the right information), CEO of WiGRadio (an online radio station saddled with the responsibility of reaching the world with Good News and with listeners in over 126 countries).

He is the CEO of WiGProperties (a real Estate business organization with a mandate to empower young people to become landlords without struggles), CEO of Wisdom Gate Television and President of WiGMedia Institute, a training institute that has trained hundreds of people with her vision of raising kingdom broadcasters.

Funmilayo Abayowa

Funmilayo Abayowa is a Speaker, Relationship Coach and Entrepreneur. She is the president of The Exceptional Virtuous Women, a platform designed to raise Kingdom Virtuous Women through the breaking of limitations in the mindset of the female gender and helping them discover who they truly are, utilizing their potentials to solve problems and fulfilling purpose according to the will of God.

She is also the convener of the conference “The Woman; Her Health, Relationship, and Purpose”. She is happily married to Moses Abayowa and blessed with an amazing son.

Akanbiola Joseph

Akanbiola Joseph Olasunkanmi is a man of vision and passion to transform lives through the word of God. He is a passionate teacher and a graduate of  English Language and Literature-in-English at the Lagos State University and currently a Postgraduate program in Psychology. While campus.

He was privileged to serve concurrently in two Fellowships as the Brothers Coordinator and the President respectively. He had a deeper reality of God’s purpose for his life after his university education and his intense passion for human capacity development and relationship matters which translates into an ideal society. 

As a result of this, he started an online community known as PLR(Purpose, Love & Relationship) and took up the teaching profession as a preparatory pedestal knowing fully well that he will soon be addressing billions of people. His love for transformational public speaking made him a participant of diverse programs.

Moradeke Lameed

Moradeke Lameed is a career coach, a life coach in living a purpose-filled life. She bagged her OND. Accounting at Lagos State Polytechnic, BSc. Human Resource Management at Lagos State University and MSc. Human Resource and Industrial Relations at the University of Lagos.

She is a great businesswoman blessed with awesome business ideas. She has ventured into several businesses. She is currently the Head of Finance and Admin, Tinustel Nigeria Limited.

She has a passion to impart knowledge and mentor young people till they become the best that God has made them to be. She loves seeing people achieve their dreams.

Toni Olatunji

Toni Olatunji is committed to helping people navigate life, harness and release the treasures locked up in them. He deploys his gifts of speaking, teaching and writing towards helping individuals and organizations thrive.

He’s the Director and Lead Facilitator of HeadstartLife Academy, a human capacity development institute that seeks to prepare secondary & post-secondary school students for the fast-changing economic world, helping them make well-informed career and work-related choices so they live highly productive and purpose-driven lives.

He co-manages a information technology business, Barastreams Digital Agency, that help small & medium scale businesses/brands grow their revenue, profit and impact by maximizing digital technology, providing services such as web design & management, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, digital marketing, mobile app development, etc.

He is the pioneer president of Dynamic Teens Ministry International, an interdenominational organization committed to raising a purpose-driven generation. Dynamic Teens Ministry regularly holds meetings for teenagers and youths.

Toni has written a couple of books, among which are: Masterpiece, Things I Wish I Knew Before Tertiary School, By Design or By Design: How to live intentionally, Recalibrate, etc.

Lawal Olamilekan

Lawal Olamilekan is a social development professional and an African development enthusiast, passionate about bridging the gap between Africa and the rest of the world, thereby making it a place desirable to live in. The vision he executes through an organization he founded called SIID Africa Social Investment for Impact and Development in Africa.

He is a counselor by discipline, human development analyst with professional attention built around youth empowerment to Live In Fulfillment Every day, He is an inspiring public speaker who acts as a mentor, counselor, and critic to aspiring young African leaders. He currently runs an online webcast on Facebook called @LifeWithLawal

He serves currently as the Monitoring and Evaluation/Program officer for Women Advocate Research and Documentation Center (WARDC).

Lawal G. Olamilekan is versatile in delivery and belongs to a new generation of young leaders ready to saddle African boat to greatness through active citizenship with unbiased participation in governance.

Donald Nnadi

Chidiebere Donald Nnadi is an enthusiastic and a  passionate teacher,  peer-Educator/ Realtor. He is a Relationship counselor

He has a passion for teenagers and youth empowerment. He loves to get involved in money, business & entrepreneurship matters.

He became a social entrepreneur because he loves the Non-profit/Social sector, he has a passion to solve people’s problem.

He loves to impart knowledge on career planning, personal development, and self-discovery to fulfill their purpose in life. He is a member of Motivated Mankind

Abiodun Babalola

Mr. Abiodun Babalola is the founder of the Duality MicroCredit that provides loan for small business owners and help them cultivate the habit of saving in order to achieve financial independence.

He is passionate about entrepreneurship with a mission to help and raise 1 million entrepreneurs in the next 10 years. That is why he started DBAcademy (Duality Business Academy) to teach Aspiring Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and Small Owners on how to start a business, grow business and make their business work for them instead of working for their business all their life.

He is a business coach and financial expert,  he speaks about entrepreneurship, Digital Growth, Financial Literacy in conferences and seminars.

To know more about Mr. Abiodun Babalola and what he does visit www.abiodunbabalola.com