Apply: Lagos State Employability Support Project

The Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (“LSETF” or “the Fund”), was established by The Lagos State Employment Trust Fund Law 2016 to provide financial support to residents of Lagos State, for job, wealth creation and to tackle unemployment. LSETF serves as an instrument to inspire the creative and innovative energies of all Lagos residents and reduce unemployment across the State.

The Fund has the mandate to directly invest ₦25Billion in helping Lagos residents grow and scale their Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (“MSMEs”) or acquire skills to get better jobs.

The Lagos State Employment Trust Fund is calling on Lagosians to apply for its recently launched Lagos State Employability Support Project (LSESP) to train and place 10,000 people in jobs in the following fie sectors of the economy:

  • Construction : Mason, Bar Bender/Steel Fixer, Formwork Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber,AC Technician
  • Manufacturing : Manual Metal Arc Welder, Mechanical Fitter
  • Hospitality & Tourism : Front Office Assistant, F&B Steward Service, Housekeeping Attendant
  • Healthcare : General Duty Assistant, Emergency Medical Technician
  • Entertainment : Sound Assistant, Production Assistant, Social Media Associate
  • Garment Making : Sewing Machine Operator

Application Process and Requirements:

(i) Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and35 years with at least a junior secondary school leaving certificate. They must be resident in Lagos State and show evidence of LASSRA ID.

(ii) Visit www.lsesp.ng

(iii) Once your application form has been shortlisted, you will receive an SMS directing you to a VTC for screening.

(iv) If screening is successful, you will be given admission for the training

(v) Then you will be informed of the start date of the training


(i) You will have access to a free training program that gives you the opportunity to learn a skill.

(ii) You will receive a certificate at the end of the program that enable you work to improve your capacity to earn, improve your life and that of your family

Training Venue:

The training sessions will take place at authorized Vocational Training Centres (VTC)

Training Duration: 6-8 weeks, (8am-5pm)

Required Documents:

  •  Copy of education certificate
  •  Copy of LASSRA registration
  • Passport photograph

 Click here to register online

Or visit your LGA Secretariat in Lagos to get the form

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