Finance and Family Balance

There are so many great leaders out there. No doubt, doing well in their respective fields and genuinely transforming lives. But I have discovered a factor that has proved itself over and over to be a defect.

It's the soreness of their Family Lives. You see, we can't even talk about the finance of the family when things are falling apart, the center refusing to hold.


I will start by making reference to one of the earliest teachings on this series...

That facilitator said as I quote... "Wealth is first created in the mind before it's translated into cash."

I am sure we have heard the Maxim... "Many are so poor that all they have is money", and many more seeming anti-money principles and quotes. A closer and deeper look will help us create a wall of Balance.

Finance and Family: Balance

If you place an emphasis on the development of your mind and you are broke... Your mind has not developed fully in the first place

You see, one of the evident fruits of the brightness of your mind is first the health of your wallet (cash, bank or invested), then your ability to manage it.

All these have been taken care of in some ways...

Let's press into deeper waters. I want to die having transformed societies starting from the nucleus of the society - the Family.


There are so many great leaders out there. No doubt, doing well in their respective fields and genuinely transforming lives. But I have discovered a factor that has proved itself over and over to be a defect.

It's the soreness of their Family Lives. You see, we can't even talk about the finance of the family when things are falling apart, the center refusing to hold.

Finance and Family: Balance

How much one is able to manage oneself before marriage is so pivotal to what is obtainable during marriage. So you see a man who doesn't hold the principle of saving, investments, etc as taught by Mr. Atolagbe, getting married to Someone from another different world apart

Then there's so much struggle in the marriage. If there's something I know that brings chaos to marriages before the issues of sex and Communication, it's finance.

In fact, Orgasm will dry up when hunger hits

Have you seen someone who is fasting for days, yet hitting orgasm.

Finance and Family: Balance

I was having a discussion with a friend on something related to this discourse. Kike shared her inspiring story on how she had a zero cost wedding...

She has been a lover of God for years and really trusted God for funny things. She was working while courting her fiancé. He was also doing it, but both of them did something "risky". At the end of the month, they pull resources together, print flyers and reach out to people as regards their faith. You want to tell us something about her please.

In addition, she grew as an orphan. People actually sent in money for her wedding but reinvested it in tracts making and kept on reaching out

She as a result of her faith dropped a list of all her needs with God and her expectations were exceeded. Her savings wouldn't have accounted for the luxuries of what her wedding was worth

Why sharing this....?

There is a deeper aspect to Family Relationship and finance. And that's the Spiritual template/pedestal from which both couples operate from

To avoid being religious about this matter. There is more to having a divine provision. Divine Provisions are not managed divinely.

In as much as we all love to have promotions at zero costs. It will be a disaster to be promoted than one has the capacity to function.

Please if you're reading these messages and you know you want a helicopter, kindly put up your hand

I understand how Someone needs to beat the hold up in Lagos.

Lots have been said about financial management really...just do well to read up...

Let's key into every wisdom possible we've learnt.

Subjecting them to God

Finance and Family: Balance

Read, read, read But while you read...know this...

Your life's purpose is not to read only, you have to take action.

Please do not allow your children to regret they came through you. Some of us didn't like our upbringings, our parents didn't know better.

But we do! Lots of information chasing us.

Practically, what a generation! Blessed and weird at the same time. Our propensity to err is commensurate to our propensity to get things right. If they are taken from their well-furbished offices to be made security men...

They would soon make the security post an HR office in sooner time

Meanwhile, the opposite is the case for some... It's a mind thing.

Finance and Family: Balance

Let me conclude with these nuggets. Without adequate plans, there is no way to have maximum financial success. While you go to the mall with your family or even alone, do not use bigger carts.

Psychologically, bigger shopping carts give us the perception that we haven't bought enough. I have just given you a secret.

Through the psychology of shopping, most malls have increased the size of their carts

Avoid impulse buying too, the mall guys know this so well. We have so many tendencies to just want to grab something we never planned for

Every financial pain is rooted in the bad decisions we've made. And the effect of every money problem is that they weigh us down until we are useless to ourselves, others and God.

I have learnt something hard, monthly payment schedule is a strategic taskmaster. Debt will be inevitable later on. One of our facilitators wonderfully shared on debt control.

Please, if you'll be so free to go to bed, I'll be waiting till you wake. It's the last teaching on the series and so we need to give a final burial (at least for now).

Debt is another angle, Why do we really borrow?

In addition to what that wonderful woman shared in this discourse. There might not be a black and white rule as regards borrowing. It's debatable.

But instinct will tell you when you're messing up. Check this out... What is my borrowing motive?

Is it to buy things I do not really need?

We buy things we do not need with the money we do not have to impress people we do not like!

So many borrowing for the wrong reasons that when you look into some debts, you will find an element of greed as an underlying factor.

Our social circle also is a trap that can make us try to get things we deem fit for our kind of peer.

  1. What is my ability to repay?

The only issue with borrowed money is that it has to be repaid.

And every instant gratification is tomorrow's bondage, let's count the cost. Be free from the extreme love of money

Culture tells us that our value and worth are based on our wealth, meanwhile, a man's life doesn't consist of all he has.

Great wealth sinks in seconds, great minds act stupidly too. Invest, save, do all you can without God and you'll be like a skyscraper on the sand. You will be blown at the slightest wind. I hope you get the balance.

God first, then the sky is your take-off point. Do not mind people who say things like… "Vanity upon vanity”. Check them out first.

The only person I know who said vanity upon vanity is Solomon. He said it because he has tasted it all.

The day you will board a first-class flight, you will never, Never want to take Economy again!

There are many broke people out there quoting vanity too. If you have not touched real wealth and you quote "all is vanity... "Just don't let me know, please.

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