Make Your Passion Your Profession

Engaging your potentials should become so demanding that it takes you away. Don't stop everything to follow your potentials, only if it can't pay your bills and it is not very demanding doing yet, you need money.

But at the same time, if that channel of making money will kill that engagement of your passion & potentials, close the channel before you become a living dead.

There are other channels of making money that won't kill the engagement of your potentials


In the next few minutes, something will happen to you… It is called A SHIFT IN PARADIGM or PERSPECTIVE. I love to call it a shift in sight because the biggest problem of man in life is sight.

Your body was designed to follow your eyes, and your eyes were designed to submit to your head.

Do you know anyone who walked with their eyes in front and leg facing the back?

Your body was designed to follow the direction of your eyes, the same way your life was designed to follow your paradigm or perspective.

If your body hits an obstacle they'll tell you to watch where you're going, they're trying to tell you, the issue is not with your body it's with your eyes.

Same way there is nothing wrong with your life, you have the best life, even If you're experiencing hell right now, your life is still beautiful.

Nothing is wrong is your life but something can be wrong with your eyes/sight/perspective.


So with these few things I want to say. I believe your sight will change for the better.

Making your passion your profession - Making what you love your occupation/work/business.

Let me say this about passion… THERE ARE THINGS YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT BUT YOU ARE NOT GIFTED TO DO THEM. Look for those who are gifted to do them and support them, do not let your passion lead you to want to carry out what you're not gifted to do.


THERE ARE THINGS YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT AND YOU ARE GIFTED TO DO THEM. Let this one be on your topmost priority. Do them and do not delay; some people's life depends on it.


THERE ARE THINGS YOU ARE NOT PASSIONATE ABOUT YET BUT YOU ARE GIFTED TO DO THEM. Many times it is exposure that helps you discover this kind of passion.  When you are exposed to that form of passion, in a short while your gifts resonate along with it.


THERE ARE THINGS YOU'RE NOT PASSIONATE ABOUT AND YOU'RE NOT GIFTED TO DO THEM. Don't talk bad about those who are doing it, that you don't like it and you're not gifted to do it doesn't mean you should criticize those who are passionate about it and/or gifted to do it.

This is not the first time many of us are hearing about making what you love/your interests/your potentials your occupation/work/business.

But we're still not doing anything about or doing little about it, these 2 things are always the reason most times.

  1. Money

So you hear things like... "Hmm! who passion has money helped when money is important"

At the center of anyone not turning their passion to profession is money, we just want to make money, what's in it for me, how much will I get there,  is it paying well, etc?

Money is necessary, get plenty of money but not at the expense of your passion.

Meaning if getting money or following that path to get money will rub you from engaging your passion totally then the money will you even though you will still be alive

Some are walking dead... they have sacrificed their passion to gain money.

Mark the end of such people… it is frustration, they never get enough money because money is number, it cannot finish.

Number is infinite.... so chasing money at the expense of engaging your passion is an endless pursuit

How can you deal with money and engage your passion? In the morning, sow your seed for your employer, in the evening do not hold back your hand from sowing into your passion.

Work for your employer in the morning and in the evening, and engage your potentials.

Do this until your evening engagement of your potentials can pay your bills and until it becomes so demanding that it takes you away from your employer's work.

And if it's a business you're doing... keep doing it until the engagement of your potentials takes you away from it.

Engaging your potentials should become so demanding that it takes you away. Don't stop everything to follow your potentials, only if it can't pay your bills and it is not very demanding doing yet, you need money.

But at the same time, if that channel of making money will kill that engagement of your passion & potentials, close the channel before you become a living dead.

There are other channels of making money that won't kill the engagement of your potentials

Second reason people won't make their passion their profession is Laziness & disregard.

Some people are just lazy. They don't want to stretch, they know their potentials has nothing to do with what they studied in school but they're lazy to start discovering any potentials...

You hear things like time has gone, I'm already getting old, let me just stay with what I studied... I can't kill myself, it's not a do or die affair... if I get some money I'll be fine.

Some are just lazy, they can't stay up at night to work on their potentials, they can't go for training, they can't meet people, they can't stretch.

I love to call them thieves because they enjoy the product of other people's potentials but they don't want others to enjoy the product of their own potentials.

I hope you're not among them. The bed you slept, the laptop you're using, the phone you're using now, the chair you're sitting, etc products of other people's potentials, you're now keeping your own because of chasing of money and laziness.... sincerely they need to be flogged.

Although some are not lazy, they are just ignorant... this ignorance leads to disregard.

They do not know the value of their potentials so they disregard it.

Someone I met who could sketch beautifully said to me, “is it not just drawing?”

God is foolish; He knows what he was doing when he made sure you could draw but my own drawing always looks like yam.

God brought you to the earth and gave you all the tools to do amazing things on earth, if you do not end up becoming great in life, God will be surprised like how come but you have everything you need.

God did not bring us to the earth to suffer us. People are just chasing money or being lazy and ignorant which made them forfeit the unfolding of their greatness.

Making your passion/potentials your occupation is a LIFE OF REST, it has its own yoke but it is a yoke of REST. Anything outside that is a LIFE OF HEAVY LOADS... the yoke here is a yoke of HEAVY LOADS.

I call it THE YOKE AND BURDEN OF REST & THE YOKE AND BURDEN of LABOUR & HEAVY LOADS, choose your burden wisely.


Human beings were created to Rest, while Rest could mean to cease from work, ceasing from work does not necessarily mean inactivity.

Rest/Ceasing from work could mean to enjoy what you have gathered or what has been gathered for you.

Your manufacturer did the work so that you can rest; I mean so that you can enjoy the resources he has gathered for you.

What are some of the resources your manufacturer has gathered for you?

  1. Problem-solving ideas
  2. Abilities
  3. Talents
  4. Other People
  5. Natural resources
  6. Your body

I analyzed each of these resources in my UYPSS Live Training (you can buzz me to get it the audio)

You didn't work for those resources, believe me, you don't have an idea about what it took your manufacturer to get you those six resources together for you (a reason you should pay attention to them)

You're either labouring or resting per time even though some people labour.

Labour and heavy loads are husband and wife, they go everywhere together, while freedom and rest go together also.


You have to be a slave to truly experience FREEDOM and live a life of REST, even though the yoke and burden of Labour and heavy loads is also slavery but a different form of slavery.

Am I saying slavery is different from slavery?

Value-adding Products & compelling sales skills

Value-adding products are the synchronization of the six resources I mentioned earlier.

  1. Problem-solving ideas 2. Abilities 3. Talents  4. Other People  5. Natural resources  6. Your body.

Meaning after discovering these resources, you have to move from just been active with them to being productive. YOU MAKE A VISIBLE PRODUCT FROM THE ACTIVITY

  1. Compelling sales skills

You have to know the uniqueness of the product of your potentials and then learn how to sell it.

I run a private session that deals with moving from potentials to productivity and profitability, anyone interested can buzz me for more clarity on that.

In life, everyone is in business whether you like it or not.

You are rendering a product(s), service(s) or both products and services...

Some render their service to the government as government employees, some to other business firms as doctors, engineers, teachers, etc.

Products are physical things you can see, feel and touch in most cases e.g bread, soap, etc.

If what gives you fulfillment is having a physical product or rendering a service or both, pursue it with passion and not finding passion before a product or service for fulfillment.

Gifts without passion is like scooping honey while in the pot (half fulfilled).

Passion without fulfillment is frustration/suicide.

Gifting with passion is fulfilling.

It means finding fulfillment becomes the hallmark (The Joker) not money, not power, not even passion.

You can always give passion to virtually anything you do, but you can never get fulfillment from everything you do(even robbers rob with passion but are never fulfilled).

Someone can follow a passion and after 12 years realizes is not being fulfilled, the resultant effect is frustration/suicide.

Having found what makes you have a sense of fulfillment, remain in it. Train in it, develop in it, metamorphose in it, become a better you in it, then money will follow afterward...

Secondly, always pitch your gifting; it is called an elevator pitch (2min selling). Keep selling (marketing) yourself whether with your certificate, potentials, products, etc. Even babes do market themselves well; why won't you market your gifting and potentials?

You can never know where opportunity will meet you someday.

I was passing by Kaduna state some days ago and ran out of cash, just to withdrew from ATM and continue my journey, one fine-looking young girl on a queue, without her products started telling me she supplies t-shirts and as a printing and publishing firm, we do this for an organization. We have exchanged contacts already and maybe the next supply will come from her if hers is cheaper anyway.

In that same manner, sell yourself to potential employers; sell your product to potential buyers.

Then money will come when you have entered the business as I started with, YOU ARE IN BUSINESS...

You must learn how to produce, deliver and capture value; add passion to it when you do. Be it education, training, exposures, etc when you discover it, add passion to it...

It is one thing to discover your dream car and have it. If there is no fuel in it, it is only you and your compound people that know you have it.

What fuel is to a car is what passion is to your gifts, potentials, and training.

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