Power Of Networking To Advance Your Career

Skill can simply be defined as something you can do well & easily to aid or contribute to humanitarian relief.

So at this point, I can simply say that we all have one skill or the other...

Let's now talk about passion...

Passion... It can be defined as that drive within us to get things done without even expecting anything or a reward in return... If the reward comes fine.


Power of Networking to Advance your Career

Let me consider two key words among others within the topic

  1. Career: This has been well explained virtually by all facilitators and is not strange to everyone on this platform

I want to remind us again that whatever you are doing that is putting food and water on your table legitimately is a career.

All jobs are careers. There is this popular saying "There is no career in that job" - is this statement true or false?

Note: Gateman - is a career person

Driver - is a career person

Carpenter- is a career person

Bus conductor- is a career person

A career person is not only a banker or an accountant with a tie and suit.

Only Kidnapper, Yahoo Yahoo are not career people and those in this category

Also, touts (Thug in Lagos) are they career people?

What is our view????

  1. Network:

It means to interact with others in order to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.

Advancing your career simply means advancing your life*

If you have a good network with Buhari, you are just a phone call away from Also Rock...

If you are connected to Trump, getting to White House from Nigeria will never be difficult...

Even, to get to heaven, you must NETWORK with JESUS

Also, to get to hellfire, just NETWORK with Satan. This is the Power of Networking

The power of networking is your ability to maximize your interactions with people or something for your optimum advantage.

Some have interacted with many great people and/or things but don't know how to maximize such interactions for their optimum advantages...

I have met many people that will boast of the knowing many great people/things and yet they are still suffering physically, socially, spiritually and even financially

Many people will attend great events and leave just like that without adding one good contacts to their phone...

Yesterday facilitators advance his Career using the power of networking via his mentor...

The ONLY way to advance your career through the power of networking is by adding ONE THING to your life. That ONE THING is the focus. Many of us have met great people and still, our lives are far from being great...

I met someone that boasted of having the contact of past Governor of Lagos and I told him, "call him that you need this and this" but he refuses to give and excuse.

He even refuses to give me the number

And that ONE THING is VALUE.

For you to maximize the power of networking to advance your career, you must carry  VALUE or add it if lacking.

He added value to his life before using the power of networking. He went for his Master after first degree...

VALUE: It means what is consider (someone or something) to be beneficial or important or worthy or useful in life.

Values are what you exchange your life with. These things are so persuasive, powerful, dominant and convincing that many people almost don't doubt their decisions to give their lives in exchange for them

Each of us has meaning and bring it to life through our VALUES

Values give life meaning and direction. When you interact with people and you don't have any VALUE to offer, you will need a miracle (which may not) to advance your career*


Self-Education is the surest way. There are many ways to add value to your life but the lasting way is through Self-Education.

In conclusion, when you are a person of high value, your network will always yield positive results and the right people will flow to your network.

Self-Education is a continuous process that can never expire

To advance your career, add value to your life in the right direction and the power of networking will work for you.

Many people are busy looking for connection without connecting to any VALUE; even if the connection comes, you may lack the needed requirements

In this year, what VALUE do you add to your life?

Are you planning to add VALUE to your life in the forthcoming year 2020?

Add VALUE to your life in the right direction and all good resources will flow to your life accordingly.

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