The Journey To Purpose Discovery

The focus of my session tonight is the word *journey*

Purpose is your essence, why you're here, why God created you.

Journey: something suggesting travel or passage from one place to another.

I'm deeply convinced that purpose discovery is more of a journey than it is an event.


By the way, I appreciate the facilitators of the two previous sessions. Thanks so much and God bless you.

The focus of my session tonight is the word *journey*

Purpose is your essence, why you're here, why God created you.

That much is clear by now I believe…

OK, here's what Merriam Webster Dictionary has to say about *journey*

Journey: something suggesting travel or passage from one place to another.

I'm deeply convinced that purpose discovery is more of a journey than it is an event.

In order words, you don't discover purpose in one flash moment like many people make it seem.

You discover purpose gradually through time and process.

You discover purpose as you journey through your path in life.

Yes, you can have flash moments of inspiration where you just gain insight into you purpose. But it gets clearer as you journey.


No man has it all clear in just one moment.

*Purpose is uncovered as you journeyed through the phases and places of your life. Purpose discovery is really in the journey. It's not an instantaneous event. Every step of the way is an important piece of the jigsaw puzzle.*

Your purpose is already embedded inside of you; it's an intricate part of your divine make up. It's not outside of you.

But you will need to follow the innate compass inside you to uncover it. And that's all in the journey to purpose discovery.

I love the way T. D. Jakes puts it in his New York Times bestseller classic, INSTINCT: "God, the master designer, has equipped us with a fundamental Instinct that draws us to our divine purpose."

You simply need to follow the deepest resonations of your heart. Your heart will always be drawn to where you truly belong.

As you journey, all of this will begin to piece together.

OK, let me share a bit of my story to put this in perspective.

I studied Electrical Engineering in Lagos State Polytechnic. I did ND (National Diploma).

Well, along the way, I fell in love with software programming. I can't go into all the intricate details.

Long story short, I ended up studying Computer Sciences (which to a large extent is about programming) in the University of Lagos.

Don't get me wrong. I gave UNILAG my best shot. I finished with a *4.42* CGPA.

But I knew programming is not what i want to do with a major part of my life.

Today though, I'm still actively involved in the IT world. In fact, I have a business that provides ICT service. *Barastreams*.

But I don't program computers. At least, not the core programming… I program lives. I program minds.

The part I didn't mention in my entire previous story is that I've been teaching/speaking and dealing with lives since 2004.

Every time I'm in classroom, it's like fish in water.

Every time I have opportunity to share my thoughts and transformation ideas with people, it blesses me real good.

Today, the major things I do revolves around helping people navigate life.

I'm a human capacity builder at core

You see, all of that has gotten clearer through the years.

I have had moments of doubts. I have had moments when I was like am I on the right track.

But all of that has contributed to helping me gain clarity regarding my purpose.

The point I'm making is: as I have journeyed through life, Purpose has become clearer to me.

Same is true for you.

So don't be too caught up in trying to find your purpose.

Just follow the rhythm as you journey through life.

That rhythm will lead you to places that align with your purpose.

So here's my summary:

If you've been asking the question how do I discover purpose, here's what I suggest.

*Allow yourself explore.

Yes, that will take time, but it's all part of the journey of discovery.

Be free to try your hands on different kind of experiences. You may never know where you belong until you find yourself in a certain environment.

And when that happens, boom! Your instinctive sense will come alive and deep within you will know you're in your divinely designed habitat.

*Pay attention to your talents, gifts, personality and passion.

Pay attention to the kind of people and places you're attracted to. Pay attention to the things that draw and stir your heart.

All of those are clues to following the voice of instinct that help uncover your purpose.

All of those will help piece things together as you journey. I hope that helps.

The end




What is difference between purpose and calling?


Well, I'm not so tied up with semantics.

So, essentially, Purpose and calling are cords of the same intertwined rope.

They both point to what God will have you do with your life.


Sir, since purpose is a journey, what can I do if I find myself in a position that is not meant for me?


For instance, I graduated from an Art department in Sec School because my teacher and parent made me to do Art because I wasn't good in some science subjects, but I have passion to be a mechanic engineer.


Beautiful question... My answer my shift some fundamental paradigm.

I don't believe any path is a waste in *the big picture* of things.

Yes, you might have found yourself studying a course that you don't like at a depth. But look again. That's something you need to pick in that path you went through.

It might take years for the puzzle to all come together, but I assure you, there are some lesson, some knowledge, some skill, and some relationships those ‘wrong’ paths you found yourself has brought to your life, that will be needed in fulfilling your purpose ultimately.

So 1st of all, the person with such story should accept and appreciate his/her reality, with the consciousness that it's not all wasted.

Now, if he then need to change direction, it's all good. I did change direction a no of times as I shared in my story.

I also know people who have changed direction too. One of my course mates in LASPOTECH (Electrical Engineering) was a commercial student in secondary school.

And it's never too late to take a turn.

It's all part of the journey


Thank u sir God bless u.

Because many of us find ourselves studying a course in school we will never use...

After graduation we start thinking of what we want to use our lives to do, and sometimes we get confused or frustrated when we are trying things that never worked.

No problem sir... We all appreciate you for creating the time to enlightening us on the journey to purpose discovery, despite your tight schedule.

God bless u richly sir



We must come to terms with the reality of today's world. Like you said, many are studying a course they will end up not using. Globally, Career tangent is taking a drastic turn.

But it still doesn't mean it's a total waste. It's about making the best of every experience or wherever we find ourselves.

Keep one mind though that the disruption in the career globally also presents great opportunities. One of such is that it's easier than ever to switch career paths. Another is that it's easier to merge two or more career worlds together.

In fact the nature of the careers of today & the future will be so ubiquitous that you can't just say I am an Accountant or I studied Law. You will have to be able to connect your accounting with IT with human resource management. That's just an example.

I share more on this in my free ebook, *Things I Wish I Knew Before Tertiary School*.

You can get it here:



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