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Techniques Of Capital Budgeting

Technique of Capital Budgeting is the method that wealth is set aside so that it can be properly managed, planned and put into effective use to generate more income.

Capital Budgeting is not only about money but also managing everything you need to put into effective use to make more income. Money does not guarantee the success of a business.


Techniques Of Capital Budgeting

Immediately I saw this topic, I was just smiling because it is a full standard in accounting that can't be exhausted in the space of one hour.

Let us start by first breaking that sentence in a bit. There are three words, there are Techniques, Capital and Budgeting.

We would start by defining those concepts and merging them together. If we can understand that concept well then I sincerely think that my job is well done here.

What is the Technique?

Technique means Method or pattern

Technique means this is a way of carrying out a particular task.

It can also be said to be an efficient way of doing or achieving something.

Technique is also a particular pattern of doing an activity, which involves practical skills

I must also state it clearly here that TECHNIQUE IS DIFFERENT FROM SKILLS


Techniques basically has to do with Methods, Styles, pattern, etc while Skills have to do with the ability to perform a task.

Kindly take note of the above


Capital is the simplest way is said to be assets that enhance one's power to perform economically useful work.

Capital is also the ability to explore the available resources and techniques to achieve a desirable expected result.

Capital is wealth in the form of money or assets owned by an individual or organization that is presently available for the purpose of starting a business or investment


This is an estimate of income and expenditure for a period. This is a financial plan for a defined period of often one year. Therefore, if we are to merge the three concepts together we would come to this definition.

Wealth is set the method aside so that it can be properly managed, planned and put into effective use to generate more income.

I deliberately want to make it simplified, so that even the science students in our midst will not be lost.

In time past, we have 2 basic methods of Capital Budgeting and they are

The traditional methods and modern methods

Technique of Capital Budgeting is the method that wealth is set aside so that it can be properly managed, planned and put into effective use to generate more income.

Under the traditional methods, we have a Payback period and Average rate of return which is also known as the discounts payback period.

Under the modern time, we have Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Modified Internal Rate of Return and Profitability Index

But I will not be talking about all those beautiful accounting jargon. Rather I will simplify the topic to be

What are the methods I can use to save in order to generate a long-term investment programme.

For those of us working and those who want to start something new then let us look at some things

I am sure that finding your interest and developing your passion has been discussed more than once on this platform.

So  I will just concentrate on how we can achieve those dreams financially

There is an adage that our people say that we don’t test the depth of a river with both feet. Once you have discovered your passion, and what you want to do, you will now need to calm down and count your cost very well. How much do you need in total to start your business?

Many people are of the opinion that you don't wait till you have all the money before you start a business. Well as much as I would love to agree with you, the truth is that I don’t agree.

Many businesses are in shambles today because they didn’t plan well financially. At least get about 85% of what you need before you start. I also agree that you don’t start a business on loan

Please take note that we have various types of currency. Let me list some for us

  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Loyalty
  • Diligent
  • Friendliness
  • Relationship
  • Finances

Now please take note that finances that represent money is that last thing I wrote.

Now all these you should have before starting your business. That's all you need, That should be your capital budget.

You should move with people that buy into your dream. You should be able to have the following.

One of the major reasons why I don’t have issues with sales is because of the currency that I have deliberately structured myself to build.

Now tell trusted people about what you want to do. Please don't tell dream killers about it.

Ensure you also have someone who has done what you are about to do and take time to learn from the mistakes of that person. Never rush into any business no matter how creative it might seem at the start.

Let me quickly share the story of a friend of mine. She is an accountant and because of the situation of the country, she decided to go into photography.

I discovered that many people I know use about just 6 months into the apprenticeship and they are on their own I noticed that she has used about 2 years

I asked her why her learning period was taking so long. She gave me a reply that got me thinking for days.

She said she went to the university to study a four-year course that she is not using as a source of income.

She said that the future of photography in Nigeria is very bright and she hopes to be among the top ten in the nearest future. So she wants to use another 4 years to learn not only the photographic aspect of it but how to beat the best and be the best for a lifetime.

She is spending the currency of Learning in terms of time. That's her capital budget

I am sure that many people are surprised by the way the teaching is going on. As much as money plays a very important role, it simply does not guarantee the success of a business.

Capital Budgeting is not only about money but also managing everything you need to put into effective use to make more income. Money does not guarantee the success of a business.

Then why are people who have beautiful ideas cannot start it because they do not have the money?

It is because they have focused too much on the minor (which is money) and lose focus on the major (which is among the points I listed before money)

Now Tolulope Makinde knows how busy my schedule is. Immediately he said I was going to something today I said no problem. I am sure you all know that he is not paying me.

In fact, most people have to go through my husband who is my manager before I honour any teaching but not Tolulope Makinde

Why? He has the right currency and he his spending it well

There was a time he gave me books to sell for him I was not able to sell those books he just called me to buy the books instead. I bought them to give it to someone.

Why would I do that when I am not even a millionaire yet. It is because he has the right currency and he his spending it wisely.


You said taking a loan is not advisable by you to start a business... Most successful business today started by loan... Why don’t you think that taking a loan is a bold step to starting a business?

Assuming I have 100k to invest, which business will you advise me to dive into as you see this Nigeria to startup?


I love this intelligent question. Those successful businesses today were on loan. Yes, I agree, but what was the situation of the country when those loans were collected?

The percentage was so low that taking a loan became the tune of the day. It is no longer so today. The level of competition then was also almost not In existence, but now the competition from your competitors can kill your business.

Another thing is that those companies have a monopoly on the market. They were the price givers but now most companies are price takers. They were so many economic factors that were encouraging then that is not encouraging now.

So the question I would now like to answer is that, why shouldn't I get a loan to start my business?

The reasons are

1) Remember that the business is a prediction that can be positive or negative. You need maximum concentration. You should be thinking about the success of your business and be thinking about how to pay back the loan.

2) You cannot quantify how successful you are in your business until all loan has been paid, therefore you are working like an elephant and eating like an ant.

3) You put yourself under unnecessary pressure because you just have debts to pay, and many more.

Someone who wants to start dry cleaning should at least have a washing machine, Industrial Iron and recommended soaps to wash before he starts.

He might not have buckets as those ones can be borrowed from neighbours at the beginning.

I think it is highly unwise to desire to buy a car and you start with the tires. That's my thought

Question 2:

Please, with your wide experience what do you see that will be excelling more in the market for the next 3-5year's time on basic investment?


But I can't give you any idea about any business because I don’t know you personally.

Why is my answer like that?

The process of knowing you would give me the idea of what your strengths and weakness are and by that, I can advise you on what you can use 100k to do effectively and trust me on this you will generate increases.

....but to answer generally, of you have 100k is to maximally put into use all that has been discussed on this platform

* Discover your passion

* Differentiate your ambition from your career

* Know your place of strength and your place of interest and so on.

*We need to make research on recycling. This will generate a lot of massive wealth for the youths.

We are a consuming nation and not a producing nation. Do you know that about 98% of what we use are synthetic and nylon in nature?

We need to make research on how those wastes can be converted to wealth for us. The waste in China is used to make shoes and shirts. The waste from poultry is used to make plastics and buckets.  The waste from plastic and bucket us used to make slippers.  The waste from slippers is used to make low-density materials and it keeps going on and on

For those who don't like the path of entrepreneurs they can only save by investing In treasury bills, but the percentage giving as at last month also dropped.


The pathway to wealth

Wealth means financial prosperity or financial freedom, it is having abundant financial supply alongside the means to replenish and sustain it.

Having lots of money in your bank account now does not mean you are wealthy. You can stumble on money but you cannot stumble on Wealth

There is a pathway to wealth. Wealth is not built desperately, it is built deliberately. Being wealthy is also how much you can give and still remain rich and comfortable.


The pathway to wealth

I know a lot of people as propounded different theories on Wealth creation and Financial prosperity.,.

I am not here to add to their theories

Before we continue, we need to understand what ‘Wealth’ really is...

Is there any difference BTW wealth and riches?

There is a clear difference between being rich and being wealthy. Being rich is having a lot of money and possessions

While being wealthy is determined by how long you can live without working for money and still be comfortable

Robert Kiyosaki said in his book; Rich dad Poor dad, “Wealth is a person's ability to survive so many numbers of days forward. If I stopped working today, how long could I survive?”

Wealth means financial prosperity or financial freedom, it is having abundant financial supply alongside the means to replenish and sustain it.


Having lots of money in your bank account now does not mean you are wealthy. You can stumble on money but you cannot stumble on Wealth

There is a pathway to wealth. Wealth is not built desperately, it is built deliberately

Being wealthy is also how much you can give and still remain rich and comfortable.

This is the stage we should all strive to attain. Having lots of money without using it to help those that are poor and needy is useless.

A young man once asked a wise man, "What is the one thing I need to know to be successful".

And the wise man replied, "One thing you need to know is that there is no one thing you need to know to be successful"

I have discovered that the pathway to wealth is as simple as preparing your meal. When you are preparing your meal, you get one, two or three ingredients together to make the meal. Each ingredient is not that important when it is alone.

You need to apply several principles and know what works best for you.

I want you to know that the pathway to wealth is the combination of different principles.


Principles are respecter of no man; if you follow them, they will work for you and if you break them, they will work against you, irrespective of who you are.

I have always hated to be poor and see poor and needy people suffer. I feel pain in my heart when people are poor and needy around me and I can’t do anything to help them, because of these reasons I studied, searched and thought of how to be prosperous so that I can help myself, my family and my society.

This lead to the publication of my 3 books The Science of Prosperity, The Act of Giving: Secrets of Divine Prosperity, and Epignosis of Money.

Even though I am not that wealthy, but I know I am on the pathway to wealth that's why I want to take as many people as possible along.

The pathway to wealth is the pursuit of knowledge and the understanding of how money works.

To achieve success or wealth, you have to do something or take action.

The secret of accomplishment is in what is called “The law of cause and effect”, same as “The law of sowing and reaping”. To every effect or result, there is always a cause.

Nothing just happens; the wealthy or successful people you see have made the decision to take some steps to become who they are. Between your desire for wealth and your achievement of wealth is your decision to take action.

Many people just daydream without working on their dream.

They do not achieve their dreams probably because of fear or doubt. You cannot achieve success or wealth if you fill your mind with unbelief. You have to take a risk; it is risky not to take risks because life is all full of risk.

Wealth is having abundant financial supply alongside the means to replenish and sustain it.

A wealthy man can replicate his wealth at any time because he has invested in himself. A wealthy man has made himself so valuable that he has enough value to exchange for money at any time.

The reason the poor are poor is not because of lack of money but lack of value. The poor is also getting poorer because of their poor mindset.

If you want to confirm, give a poor man 1million and a rich man 1million. You will see that after 2 years the rich man will become richer and the poor man will still be poor.

Because the poor man will lavish all the money on fine clothes, cars, and accessories to look rich without investing it in his future.

Many young people today still make this mistake. We use the money we do not have to buy the things we do not need in order to impress people we do not know.

We spend our money on liabilities instead of assets.  A liability is anything that takes money away from your pocket while assets bring money to your pocket.

I have discovered that many young people are in a haste to buy a car because they could afford it, end up selling it within 2years because of the expenses to maintain it.

We need financial literacy, financial discipline, and financial management to create our wealth that will bring us the comfort we desire.

I will explain 3 main things we need to invest in to create our wealth.

  1. Invest in Yourself

This is the best investment you can give to yourself. You can lose the money in your pocket or account but you can never lose the value, talent, skills, competence, knowledge, and experience you have invested in yourself.

You take this with you anywhere you go on this earth, you can always replicate your wealth with what you have invested in yourself.

Invest in yourself daily, at the end of the year you should do a breakdown of all the values you have acquired.

Do not remain the way you are, if you are not better than the way you were yesterday, then you are not growing.

A friend once said, If you are not growing to be meaningful then you are dying to be meaningless.

The market is interested in what you have to offer; no company will employ you if you are not valuable or don’t have a value to offer.

In this era of computerization, automation, digitalization, globalization, robotics, and artificial intelligence, the world is revolving and some job descriptions are becoming extinct. You need to keep developing yourself to be relevant in the marketplace.

  1. Invest in Relationship

The rich understand the importance of people, that is why they build quality relationships and expand their network, while the poor do not.

Your network is your net worth. You need people to be successful in life and business. You need to have good communication and interpersonal skills because people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. You need people to guide and show you the way.

You need to value and invest in quality relationships by being nice and of a good attitude to the people around you because you do not know who will be of favour to you in the future.

Mrs. Moradeke said credible relationships are another form of currency. If you do not have money in the form of cash but you have people who have what you need, you are wealthy.

I learnt this principle while working in the social sector. You can start a business or organize a big event by collaborating and collaborating with people that have what you need.

Your network and relationships can open some doors you do not have the capacity for. Many of us are bad at building quality relationships, we say, "I am not the talking type, I don't know how to keep in touch with friends".

When last did you check on your friends? We only remember them when we need them

This is not good at all... It was Albert Einstein that said, “If I can see any further, it is because I am standing on the shoulders of people who have gone ahead of me.” No company can exist without people who make up the staff or team. No leader can achieve anything without people.

  1. Invest in Business

For you to become rich you have to invest in a business. If you do not have any goods or services to render you cannot do business to make money. Even if you are gainfully employed, you should own your business.

In order to invest in any business, you must understand the business and acquire the necessary skills to run the business. If you cannot run the business, then you invest in an already existing business that is running successfully and get your percentage from the profit known as ROI (Return on Investment).

I have discovered that you don't necessarily need to have the skills before you invest in a business, but you need to understand how the business works, then look for people that have the skills and employ them, then manage them well.

Wealth creation is about solving problems and making money in returns. The more problems you solve, the richer you become.

In my book The Science of Prosperity, I taught how to solve problem with your talents by leveraging people and information to create your wealth.

The truth is there are natural principles of wealth creation and spiritual principles of wealth creation. Divine prosperity involves spiritual principles and it is only those that are spiritual that can enjoy the benefit because you cannot benefit from what you don’t believe in.


How to save and stay out of debt

Saving money can be tough! Because it is easier to spend and keep spending. Sometimes we spend without realizing why we are spending.

Saving money for things that will make a difference in our finances is a habit that you can learn, form and imbibe. It can be challenging but it becomes your savior.


Personal Finance is a very broad topic and permeates every aspect of our being.

Now TO SAVE and TO STAY OUT OF DEBT are 2 different topics

But one helps you stay out of one and one helps get out of one.

So let's start with this small (very little task) because we have professors here.

So which one helps you stay out and which one helps you get out?

Saving helps you stay out and saving helps you get out.

This area of personal finance is one of my favourite areas to talk about. I enjoy talking about this and seeing people catch the light bulb on how to organize their financial life and get ahead.

Before I delve into savings ( there is a whole lot to talk about here and in my various interactions with people, a lot do have an unhealthy mindset about savings or no clue on the benefits. Let's deal with debts.

Yes, debt can be good and bad.


But for you to excel in your personal finance, it must be eschewed. That is to say, never see it as an option.

To illustrate, think about a boy who had a pet snake. At some point, it was little and he could play with it until the snake becomes grown to the point that this pet strangled him.

Debt can be like that. It doesn't matter your opinion!!! The good book says the borrower becomes slave to the lender.

Let’s look at why do we get into debts

  • Lack of savings
  • Insufficient money
  • Lack of vision or ideas on how to make money
  • Lack of discipline
  • Spending above your earnings
  • Desire to live above your means
  • Bad spending habits
  • Desire to impress others with the money you don't have
  • Lack of financial intelligence
  • Paying for Unforeseen emergencies

Therefore, from our answers above, the reason why so many are in debt and struggling daily is because of the man in the mirror!


  1. Brother, sister, uncle, auntie, friend purpose (make up your mind today) to stop borrowing money!

This is the very first step. Refuse to see it as the only option. Pause borrowing

  1. Arrange/ List all your debts in order of the smallest to largest. Actually there are methods to clear debts, we have the snowball and the debt avalanche. My preference is the snowball.
  2. Now that you have listed your debts. Please have a meeting with all your debtors, individuals, and financial institutions. This is for those that have issues with repayment. Be honest and tell them your situation and what you plan to pay no matter how long it takes. Most times, those you own that you meet in such manner, become open to helping you out by proffering solution that we will help both parties. They see you as an honest and responsible person.
  3. Stop all spending. Review your expenses. What we discovered over time in handling debt cases is that a lot of people are in debt because they do not monitor their expenses, they have no spending plan. Money comes but they cannot account for it. That spending plan is what we call the budget.

Briefly, they cannot tell where their money is going. This is Heartbroken…

So here, you will have to eat beans and only rice if it comes to that until your debts are paid off.

  1. Now I will advise that you save up at least one month's salary to serve as an emergency fund. This is to avoid going back to debts in case of an emergency.
  2. Now, this is where I will be introducing the debt snowball. You can read this up from my page on Facebook. The money managers. I wrote about this and it has saved a lot of people and given them respite.

Start paying down each debt, have a minimum repayment per month on each debt, but add more to the least until it is paid off. Why I advocate for using the snowball is because that was exactly the method I used after listening to Dave Ramsey. I was able to clear my debts save for the mortgage.

When you clear the list, you have a small victory that gives you the courage to attack the next small DEBT until you clear all.

That is the path those in debt are encouraged to follow to learn/enforce discipline. Remember I started with what helps you out of debt and what helps stay out of debt.

  1. Now it is highly recommended that you join a group of like minds, so you can start saving up money (they help you start a money goal target) you adopt certain principle that will ensure you do not go back to the mud.
  2. Be generous and teach others what you have learnt conquering those debts.

Now that we are done with the quick fixes, let answer the questions before we summarize how to save (the steps).

The reason you are in debt has to do with your mindset when you see debt as an option. Let me illustrate to help us see it in a proper perspective based on my daily interaction with people at work and in my business.

Taking on debt is not really bad of you have counted the cost and make a projection on how to repay without paying all the interest ( I talking about people that borrow from institutions).

Let's say you meet Renmoney to loan you 500k to expand your business or you have supplies to make, have you factored how much you will make based on the previous trend and instead of paying till the 6months duration but rather pay within 3months. The debt is working to your advantage and you must have calculated your profit because your repayment should not be more than your profit.

However, we see people borrowing to pay school fees, buy foodstuffs and they are still having babies every year. Also, people will borrow to buy a car, pay rent or for parties.

That is why we advise that you start saving while in debt to help enforce discipline (the discipline to pay yourself first (yes, you deserve to get it, after all, you are the one earning the money).

If you are borrowing to pay for rent then that accommodation is beyond you. Look for a smaller apartment. Same with school fees are you saying you just woke and realized that you must pay school fees. Remember one you mentioned lack of discipline.

We cannot finish all aspects of debt today. It is inexhaustible, as we deal with one case by case.

How to save

  1. Saving money can be tough! Because it is easier to spend and keep spending. Sometimes we spend without realizing why we are spending.

Saving money for things that will make a difference in our finances is a habit that you can learn, form and imbibe. It can be challenging but it becomes your savior.

For instance, this evening a friend came to visit and told me about a good real estate investment that came up and a very good deal. If one has no money saved up, when such opportunities come, it eludes you.

So first determine that for each cash passes through your hand, a minimum of 10% must be paid to me. So learn to pay yourself first.

  1. Save with a goal in mind. Break it down into these categories.
  2. Emergency fund: I always advise that this should be your starting point. Rainy days will come but don't be cut in it, it makes people borrow unnecessarily. Some borrowing because of emergency have lead to relationship stalemate. Friends owing to friends. Sisters owing brothers or the other way round. It can be avoided
  3. Sinking funds: you need to create such an account for obligatory payments like your rent, school fees, child delivery, new car, etc. For example, if your annual rent is 300k just divide by 12months and incorporate it in your monthly budget. Every month pay 25k to that account. When it’s time to pay, you don't have to hide from the landlord or go borrowing.
  4. Savings towards investment and staring business. I love this part. Here you create both active and passive income.


I want to ask if it’s the other way round that individuals are owing you money and affect one's cashflow for necessary expenses in the business. What should I do? Thanks


Hmm! I can feel you here. You have stop selling on credit. Identify those people that are not creditworthy stop selling to them on credit. Secondly, refuse to be desperate in selling your products or services. Some services require a percentage payment. Please prepare a contract that they should sign. In the beginning, they pay something, at a certain milestone they pay this. Etc

Question 2:

How does one get his or her money back when friends or family borrow from you and refuse or pretend as if nothing happened? Some people here must have experienced that right.


Yes, I usually advise people to stop borrowing to friends and family. It creates cracks. Remember what I said earlier, a borrower is slave to the lender. It is a spiritual law. It is an exchange that you will not understand how you start despising your friend or family when they cannot repay. It is best to give them what you can afford to forget about.


How To Identify Profitable Investment

Identifying Profitable Investment is one important skill you must have if you would not lose your money in a place like Nigeria.

You must first know how the businesses make money and then work towards adding value in that area

How then do we identify a profitable business? There are some tips I would share…

First, I would say that any business can be viable. All you need to do is to think of a better way to do it


Identifying Profitable Investment is one important skill you must have if you would not lose your money in a place like Nigeria.

How many of us remember MMM, the Ponzi scheme

Well, I remember it very well

Why do I remember it?

One of my friends fell for the scheme. That my friend is a secondary school teacher so his salary was about 50,000 naira or thereabout.

That is about 600,000 naira annually if he does not remove anything from his salary

So I chatted up my friend one time like that and he told me he was sick and had a stroke

Now, when a young man in his early thirties or late twenties tells you he has a stroke, you know it is a serious matter.

I used to think stroke affects elderly people. So I had to push further to ask what happened

He then revealed that he invested about 1 million naira into MMM.


The first thing that came to mind was how did this my friend get that kind of huge money since his annual salary is just about 600k.

Well, the implication of that is if he should continue his present job, he would need at least two years to recover from the shock of what MMM did to him.

By the way, I remember that about a week before MMM crashed, I was ministering in a church at Abeokuta.

And I shared some things about why I believe MMM would soon crash. I also posted it on my Facebook...

Some of my friends who had invested in it felt that I was judgmental and I was not a risk-taker

I became like an investment Prophet when the scheme crashed.

I am not surprised that it crashed actually... Rather I would have been surprised if it did not crash

What did I know?

That is one of the things we would be sharing together. Life is all about risks and you must make some financial risks if you want to advance financially

However, in taking risks, you must take calculated risks. There is an acid test to know if any investment is lucrative or profitable.

Ask yourself this one question, and you would save yourself a lot of stress.

What is the business model of this particular investment?

In a layman language... How does this business make a profit?

If you cannot explain how they make a profit, please keep your money in your pocket or just send it to me.

So let me give us a quick assignment...

How does a school make money?

How does your school make a profit?

Does anyone want to make an attempt?

Should I tell us how Schools make their money?

Schools make their money through the following means

  1. School Fees
  2. Extra lesson fees
  3. Uniform Fees
  4. Lesson Fees
  5. PTA donation from parents
  6. Textbook fees
  7. Payment for extracurricular activities

So if you are a school administrator, you might want to explore some of these things I mentioned or add more to it.

Let's do another test, and I would not give an answer to this one. I would leave you to think deeply.

How does Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter make money?

From digital ads or Advertisements

You have been on these social media and you are using it for free but is it really free?

So the fact that you are not paying these social media does not mean they are not making money.

If you see any business at all, always ask yourself what is the way this business make her money.

If you want to develop your financial intelligence, always ask this question even if it seems not to be your business.

Yes, some people might not really tell you the answer but you can explore.

For instance, let me ask, how does MacDonalds make her money. I might give a gift to anyone that gets this correct. MacDonalds is like Mr Biggs abroad.

A lot of people used to think that MacDonalds was making money from selling snacks until they explored further and realized something.

MacDonalds make their money from real estate. MacDonalds sells Franchise to others

So MacDonald would rent a building to you and give you a franchise to sell their products...

On the outside, you see burgers and pies but within, what is being sold is real estate

Now any business you see has a trade secret. If you know that trade secret, you would be able to learn so much

Now my question is...  How does MMM make her money

Yes... They actually make money but how do they make money?

There is no business they involve in. They make money by asking people to donate money, they now share their money with you and you are happy...

One day after people have trusted them, they would freeze everything and then many people lose their money.

They collect money from Peter to pay Paul. They keep circulating the money until the last set of people lose or the business crash when no money is coming in because they do not render any value

If you see any business that does not render any value, do not invest in it.

So now you know why all those people who send messages to you that you should pay 10000 naira and you would be credited with 20000 are scammers.

See, even if someone shows you evidence that they have been credited, do not fall for it

The moment you drop your money, even if they credit you, you would still lose it if you remain in the scheme. So much business is not legit and anyone who wants to go far financially would not do such

This is why I also discourage people from doing bet. Free money is not too good

There is a creative ability in you... When you sweat and think of how to make money legitimately, your thinking capacity develops.

If you work in any organization and you want to be promoted easily, let me tell you what you can do

Discover their business secret and then try to see how to help them make money through that means.

Let's say you are a teacher, and your school make money through school fees, encourage someone in your street to put their children in your school.

You have helped them to make more money. They would soon see you as an asset to their organization

Let me give a practical example. I might be leaking a bit of my trade secret though but I believe it would be an opportunity for you to learn

I run an online gospel radio called Wisdom Gate Radio, you can listen to us 247 via www.wigradio.com.

Therefore, the question is how do we make our money? One of the ways we make our money is through event coverage.

We cover programs for churches and organization that have their vision consistent with ours

So we used to have a staff years back called Tolubooks. He is outside the country now

Tolubooks knew how we make our money...so he would approach churches and negotiate with them for WiGRadio to come and do coverage there.

After he negotiates with them, he would come and meet me and say, Mr Perfect, I have discussed with this church and they are going to pay 60,000 for the coverage but you would pay me 40% of that amount since the business is from me.

Then I would have to negotiate with him that 40% is too much since we have to also develop the business. He was a staff and was on salary but he saw himself as more than a staff. He saw himself as a business partner.

And it was a good deal for us because we all gained from the transaction. That is a piece of advice for someone here

Stop sitting down and waiting on salary alone, start thinking of how to add value where you work.

Therefore, you must first know how the businesses make money and then work towards adding value in that area

How then do we identify a profitable business? There are some tips I would share…

First, I would say that any business can be viable. All you need to do is to think of a better way to do it

Selling water can be viable, but selling pure water on the street of Lagos might not yield as much profit as I want.

But if I supply 1000 bags of water daily at 120 naira and my profit on each bag is just 40 naira. That would mean I am making 40,000 naira daily. That is somebody's one month salary.

So in business, you need to do a lot of thinking. How can I do this thing better?

Most businessmen might not tell you their real trade secret but if you become a friend to businessmen and they tell you their secret, you would learn much.

For instance, anyone would think I really make my money from online radio but the truth is that I make more money from real estate. By the way, I sell lands in case you have goals to become a landowner this year.

And I have very flexible payment plans. Plans as cheap as 1000 naira or less daily

You can DM me for more details later. So let me rush and share tips on knowing the viability of a business

  1. Do a lot of research about the business. Don't assume... Meet mentors and those who have successfully run the business. There is a secret about that business you might need to know
  2. Find out the cost and calculate the markup cost. I traveled to Abeokuta recently to inspect some of our lands... And I saw a bag that sells for N1500 in Abeokuta, so I bought it and bring it to Lagos to sell at N2000. How much is my profit?

You might easily say 500 naira but it is not true. Exactly... I made no profit

Why? Transport fare from Lagos to Abeokuta is 500 naira, Transport fare back is 500 naira

Then because of the stress, I drank extra bottled water and bought snacks to keep my stomach. I need to factor all these things in. Many people who are in business are not making a profit because they do not calculate mark up.

Finally, let me share some business areas that would always make money no matter what

  1. Food business: No matter how bad the economy is, people would eat food. By the way, I would be rounding off soon because I can smell the sweet food my wife prepared for dinner.
  2. Education: People would want to learn
  3. Shelter: People want to live in houses that are comfortable, they want to buy their own land and houses.
  4. Transportation: Don't just buy a car for comfort, buy it for business if you can
  5. ICT: We live in a generation where people are digitally compliant and many make their money online. Think of a way to make money online legitimately too.


A brother of mine brought a business about real estate and said he needs marketers and that the job has benefits also, and he needs 50 people.

Now I shared it with my friends and on groups and people have been reaching me that they can't take the job if its marketing and seems they only pay in commission, some of them need jobs so much, is it wise for them to ignore it or to accept it?


Very interesting question ...

A lot of people these days say they are not into a marketing job. The people who bring in the money are the ones willing to market so they should be paid higher.

If you really want to go far these days, you must develop your marketing skills.

So there is nothing wrong with your brother wanting marketers. If they are not able to do the marketing job, there are others who can do it and it is those people that would get paid.

A lot of people these days want to sit down inside the office and be paid salary but it might not make much sense in the long run since marketers are needed for the products or services in the office.


How to grow your money in your business

Make business sacrifices, then your money would grow in your business. I do like to start with this short clip. Just imagine it’s your business that is been talked about.

Save for your business. Budget for your business and plan the financial future of your business if it must turn into a financial umpire.

If you must make fast returns, then never you trade marketing and advertising your business for anything else.


How to grow your money in your business.

Make business sacrifices, then your money would grow in your business. I do like to start with this short clip. Just imagine it’s your business that is been talked about.

Just as a calf (a baby cow) cannot produce cow milk, so also your business cannot make returns if not grown to maturity. We are quick to reap from our businesses but not fast in making it grow.

That is the first mistake most of us do in business. Sacrifice to allow your business to grow, mature and produce an ATM machine for you, else it would retardate.

Making returns in business is what we all yearn for but in the first instance.

Sacrifice your taste, your immediate (wants), your ego and impressing others to allow your business to grow.

Save for your business. Budget for your business and plan the financial future of your business if it must turn into a financial umpire.


If you must make fast returns, then never you trade marketing and advertising your business for anything else.

Save, I say save, I repeat save for your business. Have you not noticed that business people are called stingy people?

It is not because they do not have nor stingy but they know the importance of calculating how much to make in returns for any penny going out, otherwise they won't give.

Before I give room for questions, only a big tree can produce many fruits...

Therefore grow your business if you need plenty of money.

Firstly, use 6months to launch your products or business, start-up in the 1st year, grow your business in 3yrs and it matures for harvest in the 5th year...

In conclusion, your business can never give you more than you put into it.

Aside from your 10,000 you want to turn into 10m in one year, you must give patience, time, diligence, determination and persistence doing all that is required to reproduce the 10k in 10,0000 times, else it would never grow.

When you grow your business, the money would grow. Focus your attention on the business and not the money, then the money will come.

May God prosper you and your business beyond your expectations.

Question 1:

Do you think it is ok to deprive my family of years just to expand my business?

In terms of expenditure regulations and caution, do you think it’s unwise not to dip hands into the savings when it’s an unforeseen circumstance?


What are you saving for? You have business savings, you have family savings, you have marriage savings and you have savings for miscellaneous expenditures, etc.

If you have planned well, you won't dip a hand into your business savings. Have a percentage of savings apportioned to every need, so that you won't use children's school fees to buy yourself a car, thinking you have money, else you must vomit it at the appropriate time.

This is serious, I only said tame your tongue as regarding your taste.

But invariably, every businessman and woman is a long term planner. If your family is to eat 2 square meals for you to execute a business that would yield you massive returns, take the risk, let them eat 4square meals afterward.

If it will take school fees delayed to get the business going why not. It’s not a bad debt.

Why do you think people who have money; especially business people don't pay school fees on time? It’s because they are calculating the returns of that cash in business, so they prefer to pay it late. They are not fools. They are smart people.

So let them not wear the latest cloth, shoes or gold watch, build your business first.

Diversify your business, else you will be out of business or find it difficult with business finances.

Take a loan, expand your business, thank God it is a viable business for you to have called for expansion. Meanwhile, I do not advise you to take loan from commercial banks, their interest rate is never static, they have a way of making it compounding. Visit SMEDAN, BOI, CBN, LAPO, etc, explore other possible options. Commercial banks will push you into bad debt.

Even F and F, venture capitalist or angel investors are there to aid you financially if you have any.

But having said it all, always follow your heart in all your dealings... It will serve as your compass, when to lead and when not to. Develop your business first before building your house.

Pay the price now and reap the returns later. We have too many business retards because some have the weirdest and funny mindset. It takes time to build. Even a seed has to die first is to germinate and then begin the process of growing.

A lot of people cannot differentiate between real misers (stingy because they don't have to be in biz to wear that behavior) and frugal people (very calculating, every naira must be sent on an errand and with specific reason), they want to make we they scatter Money in uncultivable land) pun intended

Do not put the cart before the horse, is it cart that will pull or is the horse. The focus is on business, not the money. Money does follow value.

Well, you have said it all. Look for grants, look for angel investors. If you have done your homework very well on returns, you can delve into crowdfunding.

Question 2:

Do you advise I take a loan to expand my business?

Let us assume the net worth of the business is 700000 & access bank is ready to give me 5M to invest into this my computer/phones/ accessories etc business.


If your net worth is 700,000, many commercial banks will be looking at cash flow for the past 1year for Collateral inclusive and business insurance. 700,000 is small compared to what you are asking except you have landed property. So consider those institutions Shadrach mentioned.

Deprive is relative. Ensure you provide the basic which you should have factored. You cannot splurge now until many years to come. On the savings aspect.

Categorize it and ensure your business savings( remember the rule in business school, not all your capital should be thrown into the business, you have to invest some in a safe investment like mutual funds, fixed deposit( with high interest) it is your hedge.

Do not break it. It is not an option; it should drive you to think outside the box and on your feet. Do businesses at low-cost always, find ways to keep reducing your operating expenses

First are you following a budget (personal or business) in other words called spending plan. So if you are not one, get yourself started. Until you are on you cannot have a clear-cut sharing percentage for each category of savings.

I suggest you identify someone thriving excellently in that niche and understudy, befriend, give value so the person will comfortably share secrets and mentor/coach you. Theory cannot help here, because the context/environment differ.


How to control your financial life

“The knowledge of money is much stronger and more relevant than the money itself.”

This topic is about the laws and principles of money and their application for every living human being irrespective of size, colour, age, gender, religion, belief, tribe and/or race.

They are tested, proven and approved laws that are not strange to the majority of us. These laws and principles are no respecter of place, person, and/or purpose.

If you are a salary earner and before month end, you have exhausted your salary and borrowed money till your next payday in order to survive financially.


Who should we hold responsible for the poverty (poor financial lives) of Nigeria & Nigerians?

Before my response to this question, let me give a brief background to this topic while other responses come in.


“The knowledge of money is much stronger and more relevant than the money itself.”

This topic is about the laws and principles of money and their application for every living human being irrespective of size, colour, age, gender, religion, belief, tribe and/or race.

They are tested, proven and approved laws that are not strange to the majority of us.

These laws and principles are no respecter of place, person, and/or purpose.

If you are a salary earner and before month end, you have exhausted your salary and borrowed money till your next payday in order to survive financially.

Then, you need to learn how to control (not manage) your financial life.


If you are self-employed, businessperson or student and before your next income/revenue; you have exhausted your money and borrowed money till your next income/revenue in order to survive financially.

Then, you need to learn how to control (not manage) your financial life.

If your problem is not having enough money as the majority found themselves, even the majority of organizations, families, states, nations are in this category.

Then, you need to learn how to control (not manage) your financial life.

Hence, if you are in the category of those that complain that lack of money or its inadequacy is hindering their progress in life;

Then, you need to learn how to control (not manage) your financial life and get over it permanently for life.

Irrespective of the amount you earn monthly either as a salary earner, businessperson, student, self-employed or investor; if you do not control your financial life, you will end up complaining “not enough” every month.

Our dear country, Nigeria, is a good example. With our plenty of revenue, yet it is not enough that we need to borrow because the majority (if not all) of our leaders in charge lack the skills of controlling the financial life of the country. This same issue applies to organization, family, individual, etc.

To control your financial life is a skill that must be learnt and mastered before benefiting it.

The mastery of this skill has to start from your personal life and proceed to a group.

If you apply this skill to your individual life, it will also give you the same result if applied to a group of people like family, organization, state and/or country.

The skill to control your financial life is not only meant for the finance related people or the leaders at the top of organization/affairs or the bankers or the accountants or the wealthy.

It is actually meant for:

-              everyone that desire to control money;

-              people that desire to be free from the slavery of money;

-              people that desire to master the art of controlling money;

-              people that want to stop existing and start living; and for

-              people that want to live a purposeful life for humanity and for God.

Do you know that ALL that you have now is ALL that you need to get ALL that you need in life?

I know that the quote above is difficult to be accepted by the majority and it is making some people to be unsettled in their minds.

This is the reason for this class.

Do you also know that The End of Poverty Is in the Mind, And the Beginning of Riches Is in the Mind?

I want everyone here to put an end to poverty in his/her life. “Poverty is not a state of the purse or pocket, but a state of the mind.”

Money cannot make you rich; for it has not made anyone rich and will never make anyone rich. If you are not rich in your mind, irrespective of the money in your bank account, you will still not be rich.

The earlier this is understood, the better for such person



Everyone is responsible for his or her poverty.

Hence, this truth must be accepted for collective progress, it is not the president or the governor.

If you are poor; then, you are responsible for it and you will continue to be responsible for it.

Do not blame anyone or push the responsibility to another person or group of people or circumstances or environment or even a dead person.

Until you acknowledge this truth, poverty will never go. Before we look at how to control your financial life... let us understand a few terminologies in order for us to be on the same page.


  1. Personal finance
  2. Corporate finance
  3. Public/government finance

Number 2 and 3 are beyond the scope of the class. Hence, our focus is mainly on Number 1, Personal Finance.


  1. Personal Finance: “Investopedia defines personal finance as financial planning _which_ involves analyzing the current financial position of individuals to formulate strategies for future needs within financial constraints.

Personal finance is specific to every individual’s situation and activity; therefore, financial strategies depend largely on the person’s earnings, living requirements, goals, and desires.”

  1. Control: It means to direct people’s behavior or cause of events; power to influence; to determine, rule, govern, command, etc.
  2. Financial: It is an adjective derived from the word finance meaning relating to money or how money is managed. Finance is the management of money and its related activities.
  3. Life: Here, it refers to an adult person that can earn legitimate income.
  4. Financial Life: It means the area of your life that deals with your personal money management.
  5. Control Your Financial Life: It means to direct the management of your money/resources to get what you need to fulfill your purpose in life.

There are universal laws and principles that are meant to control our financial lives. They are not strange to the majority of us but most of us ignore them.

I have personally been using them and have good results. It is my personal secrets that made me become who I am today.

I termed it “The Five Fingers Principle To Control Your Financial Life.”


Mrs. Moradeke Lameed has dealt with this very well at the business level. Thank you, Madam, for the good work done.

Do you have a budget for this outgoing month?

  • Is your budget fully written?
  • Is your budget partly written?
  • Is your budget in your head and mind?

There is no wrong or right answer. We all fall into these three groups

As I said, no wrong or right answer, they are all different methods of budgeting.

For your personal life, there are 3 steps to budgeting.

How To Budget – 3 Steps

  • Revenue/Income

State your expected income either as:

-              Expected salary

-              Expected revenue from your business/work/side hustle

-              Expected revenue from your financier/sponsor as student

-              Expected returns from your investment/dividend, etc.

If you have many sources of income, state them all.

Then, write your Total Expected Income. This is easy for the majority of us.

The second step below is where the most work lies.

  • Expected Expenses

That is, what you intend to spend your revenue on. List them here.

Expenses Categories:

  1. Kingdom investments   -            15%
  2. Your assets                       -            15%
  3. Necessities                       -            40%
  4. Self-education                 -             5%
  5. Project                               -             10%
  6. Dependents                      -             10%
  7. Others                                -             5%

This is the method I recommend among numerous methods.

Note that:

👉             You may use the 7 Categories above and adjust the percentage to your purpose.

👉             You may adjust the Categories to your choice and thereby change the allocated percentage.

👉             You may not use this method but ensure you use the one that gives you the expected result.

“Another impediment to controlling your financial life is the dictates of mammon or the inability to manage expenditure. That will always lead to poverty.”

  • Cash Flow

The difference between steps (a) and (b) above is your Cash Flow.  It could be positive (surplus budget) or negative (deficit budget).

The surplus budget gives you great happiness and mastery over your financial life. It is your sole duty to achieve a surplus budget. Nobody can do it for you...

✔             If you are not disciplined, you cannot budget.

✔             You must be ready to live by it up to 80% and above for it to be effective.

✔             When you budget correctly, you will always live a happy life.

✔             There are many methods of budgeting. No one method is better than the other because of our individual differences in life.

✔             Start/choose any method best available to you and improve on it over time.

✔             If you do not budget, you cannot control your financial life and you will always complain “not enough”.


Mrs. Amaka Donald-Ibe has dealt with this principle very well. I will strongly encourage its application.

This second principle will help you to live well. If you are in debt now or find yourself in one, determine to get out it by using a debt-free strategy.

If you are debt-free now, develop your own debt-free strategy in order not to get into debt.

Types of Debt

  1. Bad debt - Debt used to acquire liability. This is real debt
  2. Good debt - Debt used to acquire assets. This is not a debt in reality

Hence, if you must get into debt, get into good debt.

Debt Free Strategy Development

Create your own debt-free strategy as follows:

  1. Define/Know your relationship boundary with all people/organizations.
  2. Set your personal do’s and don’ts with money.
  3. Create your budget methodology and live within it. That is, do not have more than 20% variation.

“The poor have not learned how to reduce their expenses, whereas the rich have learned how to overcome their appetite.”


Several Facilitators have handled this PRINCIPLE very well. You may ask Mr. Donald for this.

Any relationship that does not support you positively, quit strategically. Ensure you foster high-quality relationships ONLY.


Most of the classes on this platform are designed to increase your financial IQ if and only if you are taking notes and applying them accordingly.

Financial intelligence is part of our total intelligence we use to solve financial problems. Financial IQ is the measurement of financial intelligence in percentage.

Summary of the five financial IQs are (accordingly to Robert Kiyosaki):

Financial IQ #1: Making more money.

Financial IQ #2: Protecting your money.

Financial IQ #3: Budgeting your money.

Financial IQ #4: Leveraging your money.

Financial IQ #5: Improving your financial information.

The only way to increase your financial IQ is to solve a problem and become a problem solver. This is where your self-education budget should be and any other skills related to your life purpose. The self-education in your budget should go into this segment of your life.


Be someone that is incredibly generous positively towards all people that come your way.

Meanwhile, live within your budget – the first principle of financial life control. Under your necessities category, give generously based on your capacity.

Give freely to people in need around you positively and nature will command resources to come to your ways when the need arises.

Faith or belief is not needed to get the 5 Principles done. Just do it! If you now apply faith, then you will have mega results. Start from this moment, start now! The result is in your doing and not in your knowing.

This Five Fingers Principle To Control Your Financial Life will make you have 100% control of your financial life and in a short while of practicing it, you will be glad you did because poverty will disappear from your life.

I pray that you will begin to put into practice all that you have learnt in this Finance and Investment Masterclass.

More so, it is my prayer that you will extend the application of these lessons to several other people, especially poor people in your domain.

Proverbs 20:12 says that God gave ears to both the rich and poor, but some ears can hear and some cannot because they are blocked with ignorance.

The latter is a common problem among most people. They appear to be listening, but when they walk away, they remember nothing.

If the Bible says we can do all things in Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:13), I would rather agree with God than assume I am not good and I am not called to control my financial life and make great money for kingdom purposes.

Just being on this platform makes you a success already, so apply your mind to knowledge and your heart to understanding, and witness for yourself the impact of The Five Fingers Principle of Controlling Financial Life upon your life.



Finance and Family Balance

There are so many great leaders out there. No doubt, doing well in their respective fields and genuinely transforming lives. But I have discovered a factor that has proved itself over and over to be a defect.

It's the soreness of their Family Lives. You see, we can't even talk about the finance of the family when things are falling apart, the center refusing to hold.


I will start by making reference to one of the earliest teachings on this series...

That facilitator said as I quote... "Wealth is first created in the mind before it's translated into cash."

I am sure we have heard the Maxim... "Many are so poor that all they have is money", and many more seeming anti-money principles and quotes. A closer and deeper look will help us create a wall of Balance.

Finance and Family: Balance

If you place an emphasis on the development of your mind and you are broke... Your mind has not developed fully in the first place

You see, one of the evident fruits of the brightness of your mind is first the health of your wallet (cash, bank or invested), then your ability to manage it.

All these have been taken care of in some ways...

Let's press into deeper waters. I want to die having transformed societies starting from the nucleus of the society - the Family.


There are so many great leaders out there. No doubt, doing well in their respective fields and genuinely transforming lives. But I have discovered a factor that has proved itself over and over to be a defect.

It's the soreness of their Family Lives. You see, we can't even talk about the finance of the family when things are falling apart, the center refusing to hold.

Finance and Family: Balance

How much one is able to manage oneself before marriage is so pivotal to what is obtainable during marriage. So you see a man who doesn't hold the principle of saving, investments, etc as taught by Mr. Atolagbe, getting married to Someone from another different world apart

Then there's so much struggle in the marriage. If there's something I know that brings chaos to marriages before the issues of sex and Communication, it's finance.

In fact, Orgasm will dry up when hunger hits

Have you seen someone who is fasting for days, yet hitting orgasm.

Finance and Family: Balance

I was having a discussion with a friend on something related to this discourse. Kike shared her inspiring story on how she had a zero cost wedding...

She has been a lover of God for years and really trusted God for funny things. She was working while courting her fiancé. He was also doing it, but both of them did something "risky". At the end of the month, they pull resources together, print flyers and reach out to people as regards their faith. You want to tell us something about her please.

In addition, she grew as an orphan. People actually sent in money for her wedding but reinvested it in tracts making and kept on reaching out

She as a result of her faith dropped a list of all her needs with God and her expectations were exceeded. Her savings wouldn't have accounted for the luxuries of what her wedding was worth

Why sharing this....?

There is a deeper aspect to Family Relationship and finance. And that's the Spiritual template/pedestal from which both couples operate from

To avoid being religious about this matter. There is more to having a divine provision. Divine Provisions are not managed divinely.

In as much as we all love to have promotions at zero costs. It will be a disaster to be promoted than one has the capacity to function.

Please if you're reading these messages and you know you want a helicopter, kindly put up your hand

I understand how Someone needs to beat the hold up in Lagos.

Lots have been said about financial management really...just do well to read up...

Let's key into every wisdom possible we've learnt.

Subjecting them to God

Finance and Family: Balance

Read, read, read But while you read...know this...

Your life's purpose is not to read only, you have to take action.

Please do not allow your children to regret they came through you. Some of us didn't like our upbringings, our parents didn't know better.

But we do! Lots of information chasing us.

Practically, what a generation! Blessed and weird at the same time. Our propensity to err is commensurate to our propensity to get things right. If they are taken from their well-furbished offices to be made security men...

They would soon make the security post an HR office in sooner time

Meanwhile, the opposite is the case for some... It's a mind thing.

Finance and Family: Balance

Let me conclude with these nuggets. Without adequate plans, there is no way to have maximum financial success. While you go to the mall with your family or even alone, do not use bigger carts.

Psychologically, bigger shopping carts give us the perception that we haven't bought enough. I have just given you a secret.

Through the psychology of shopping, most malls have increased the size of their carts

Avoid impulse buying too, the mall guys know this so well. We have so many tendencies to just want to grab something we never planned for

Every financial pain is rooted in the bad decisions we've made. And the effect of every money problem is that they weigh us down until we are useless to ourselves, others and God.

I have learnt something hard, monthly payment schedule is a strategic taskmaster. Debt will be inevitable later on. One of our facilitators wonderfully shared on debt control.

Please, if you'll be so free to go to bed, I'll be waiting till you wake. It's the last teaching on the series and so we need to give a final burial (at least for now).

Debt is another angle, Why do we really borrow?

In addition to what that wonderful woman shared in this discourse. There might not be a black and white rule as regards borrowing. It's debatable.

But instinct will tell you when you're messing up. Check this out... What is my borrowing motive?

Is it to buy things I do not really need?

We buy things we do not need with the money we do not have to impress people we do not like!

So many borrowing for the wrong reasons that when you look into some debts, you will find an element of greed as an underlying factor.

Our social circle also is a trap that can make us try to get things we deem fit for our kind of peer.

  1. What is my ability to repay?

The only issue with borrowed money is that it has to be repaid.

And every instant gratification is tomorrow's bondage, let's count the cost. Be free from the extreme love of money

Culture tells us that our value and worth are based on our wealth, meanwhile, a man's life doesn't consist of all he has.

Great wealth sinks in seconds, great minds act stupidly too. Invest, save, do all you can without God and you'll be like a skyscraper on the sand. You will be blown at the slightest wind. I hope you get the balance.

God first, then the sky is your take-off point. Do not mind people who say things like… "Vanity upon vanity”. Check them out first.

The only person I know who said vanity upon vanity is Solomon. He said it because he has tasted it all.

The day you will board a first-class flight, you will never, Never want to take Economy again!

There are many broke people out there quoting vanity too. If you have not touched real wealth and you quote "all is vanity... "Just don't let me know, please.