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Why Many CVs Are Rejected By Employers

Your CV should be rich with details about you that can convince your employer to invite you for an interview. Many CVs are rejected and thrown into the trash can because of common mistakes job seeker do while writing their CVs and the process of submitting their CVs. It’s very important for you to represent your CV well because CV is a document that tells the employer who you are, what you have done and what you can do. Many CVs are rejected because they are not attractive and they do not contain convincing info the employer is looking for. The person receiving your CV is having a perception or an impression about you by just looking at your CV, so it necessary for you to present is well to be attractive and convincing because your CV is your personal brand.  Your CV should be able to speak for you and represent you before the prospective employer. A bad CV can end your job search before it even start. Many applicants are not called back because their CVs are sub-standard.  Below are common makes in CV writing job seekers make.

  1. No Cover Letter – A cover letter should be sent out with every CV. It provides an effective summary of your skills and experience in relation to the specific position you are applying for. The cover letter is your sales document. It should complement your CV. When emailing your CV, your cover letter becomes the email message. Simply type your letter in the body of the email. (Do not send as an attachment).  Many applicants just send their CV with a blank mail; it will never be attended to if you do that. Whenever possible, address your letter to a specific person by name, keeping in mind that it is a good idea to confirm the spelling and title of those you are writing to, eg. Dear Ms Susan, Dear Mr John, and if the name is not known you can use Dear Human Resource Manager or Dear Hiring Manager.
  2. Not Tailoring Your CV For Target Employer – Your CV should be targeted to appeal solely to the niche or position you are applying for. Not tailoring your CV is the most dangerous mistake you can make when writing your CV. Your CV should contain relevant experiences and skills in line with the niche of the employer or vacancy. Many applicants are too lazy to rewriting their CV to suit the target employer. It’s not necessary to write all your job exposures when it is not related to the target employer, if your CV doesn’t include the skills and experience the employer is looking for, you will not be shortlisted. Do your research and find out what your target employers are looking for, and then make sure you are making those requirements prominent in your CV. Relevant job adverts and recruitment websites contain these requirements you can take advantage of.
  3. Unprofessional Email Address – Use an email address that is professional. Your professionalism has to come through in your CV. Many applicants use ridiculous email address like their nickname or unattractive names that can be embarrassing such as jetty4life@yahoo.com, vicky4luv@gmail.com, etc. It looks unprofessional and will have your employer questioning your judgment and general approach to work. Create an email with your first and last name.
  4. Inconsistent Use Of Fonts Type And Size – Not using a consistent font type and size make your CV look unprofessional. Using multiple font type and size make your CV look messier and scattered and unattractive to the employer. Use one font type and font size throughout your CV. The recommended font type to use is Times New Roman and font size 11 or 12. Make sure your CV is legible. Be sure that there are no spelling errors, poor word choice, or misuse of language.
  5. Leaving Out Dates and Job Descriptions — Many job seekers make the mistake of not including their job description or role or duties with date in their work experience. Include dates on your CV, leaving them out might seem like you are trying to hide certain information. The employer will like to know the nature of your work experience. It speaks a lot of what you have done and can do.

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