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Why Many Job Seekers Don’t Get The Job

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No matter the category you are, we need to know why many job seekers do not get the job. Many of us have submitted our CVs to several companies or firm and we did not hear from them.

Why some of who got lucky to the interview and they promised to get back to us, but they did not. Before you apply for any job, you must check if you have their requirements and what the employers are looking for. Some reasons why you are not hired are

  1. You do not do any research about the job and company

Not doing your research can cost you the job. Employers want to hire candidates who know about their industry and its challenges, and who have thought about ways that they can contribute to the company’s success.

If your first question to the interviewer is, “So, what does this company do?” you will not be getting the call.

  1. You are desperate

While it is good to be enthusiastic about the role, candidates who seem simply desperate for a job turn off employers.

You have to play it cool, but not too cool. Display confidence without being cocky.

Remember, you are also there to do them a favor because they need your skills and service to grow their business.

Be confident of what you have and do not sell yourself cheap

  1. You do not look the part in terms of dressing

A job interview isn’t a fashion show, and you don’t have to be a supermodel. For the most part, it’s enough to look well-groomed, professional and respectful. This means dressing up a little more than you normally would to show that you care and that you take the interview seriously.

  1. You have unrealistic salary expectations

Of course, you know how much money you would like to earn – and what cut you would like to have from your employer, but if your expectations are unrealistic, or you’re too demanding or inflexible, it will turn employers off.

Do your researches, find out the salary range that jobs like yours pay in your area, and be willing to negotiate for the best deal you can get.

  1. Unprofessional CV

In your resume, a typo-error can constitute the difference between whether you get an interview or find your application automatically rejected.

Never submit a resume that you have not run through a spell checker and a grammar checker. Always make sure that someone with a good command of grammar rules reviewed your resume.

Your formatting is also important. Recruiters do not want to see fancy resumes; they want to see resumes that are easy to read. Your CV should be rich with details about you that can convince your employer to invite you for an interview.

Many CVs are rejected and thrown into the trashcan because of common mistakes job seekers do while writing their CVs and the process of submitting their CVs.

It is very important for you to represent your CV well because CV is a document that tells the employer who you are, what you have done and what you can do.

Many CVs are rejected because they are not attractive and they do not contain convincing info the employer is looking for.

  1. Sending CV with no cover letter

Do you know that employers do not open a CV that is not accompanied by a cover letter?

A cover letter should be sent out with every CV. It provides an effective summary of your skills and experience in relation to the specific position you are applying for.

The cover letter is your sales document. It should complement your CV. When emailing your CV, your cover letter becomes the email message.

Simply type your letter in the body of the email. (Do not send as an attachment).  Many applicants just send their CV with a blank mail; it will never be attended to if you do that.

Your CV should be targeted to appeal solely to the niche or position you are applying for. Not tailoring your CV is the most dangerous mistake you can ever make when writing your CV.

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