Our Initiative

Motivated Mankind is an initiative to eradicate poverty and youth unemployment by promoting Youth Development, Education, and Entrepreneurship.

Our services are

  • Talent Development
  • Career Development
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Vocational Skills Acquisition
  • Business Plan Development
  • Capacity Building and Mentoring
  • Employability Skills Training

Who are our Target audience or beneficiaries?

Our beneficiaries are YOUTHS  (young graduates, undergraduates, corps members, secondary school students, and school drop-outs.)

Many youths have the challenge of choosing the right career path and profession, many don’t know what they want to become in life. They do not also know the opportunities available to them to develop themselves to be successful in life.

Many youths have decided to be influenced by their friends or peers to choose a career path that does not fit their talent, personality, or trait because they are not guided.

A lot of them graduate from school confused with their purpose in life. This has also contributed to the increase in the youth unemployment rate in our society.

In an attempt to solve poverty and youth unemployment challenges in Nigeria, we have identified vocational education, entrepreneurship, and career counseling as a viable solution. Many people see vocational education as a second choice for those that are not privileged to go to school, meanwhile, it is meant to be part of the school curriculum.

The vocational skills to be learnt are Beads Making & Wire Works, Cosmetology (Making of Soaps, Perfumes, Insecticide, etc.), Painting, Pastry & Catering, Weaving, Bag Making, Arts Work, Interior & Exterior Decoration, Hair Dressing, Fashion Design, Video Coverage and Photography, ICT and Digital Skill, Agro Enterprise, Decorating and Event Planning, Beauty and Make-over, and they are not limited to these as there shall always be updates on any other area of interest by the public.

Motivated Mankind is a social enterprise because we are more interested in the Impact and sustainability of our solution.

Motivated Mankind strategy for young entrepreneurs is Training, Mentoring, and Support