Our Services

Career & Talent Development

Primary and Secondary School Students are trained on how to discover their talent and choose a career based on their passion, ability and personal traits, with emphasis on helping them to discover, develop and deploy their talent by organizing seminars and workshops in their respective schools.

Entrepreneurship & Skills Acquisition Training

The youths are trained on how to be self-employed and how to make money with their hobbies and ideas. They will be given training on Vocational skills, Entrepreneurship, Market and Business orientation, Business Etiquette, Branding, Marketing, Customer service and many more.

Capacity Building and Mentoring

We render counseling services and personal and professional training to people young and old in any issues of life, such as Relationship, Education, Leadership, Business, Health, Religion and so on. Our counseling helps to promote the growth and development of individuals in all essential areas of life.