Why Many Job Seekers Don’t Get The Job

We have different categories of people that need this content

  • Undergraduate
  • Fresh graduates
  • Corp members
  • Employed
  • Self-employed

No matter the category you are, we need to know why many job seekers do not get the job. Many of us have submitted our CVs to several companies or firm and we did not hear from them.

Why some of who got lucky to the interview and they promised to get back to us, but they did not. Before you apply for any job, you must check if you have their requirements and what the employers are looking for. Some reasons why you are not hired are

  1. You do not do any research about the job and company

Not doing your research can cost you the job. Employers want to hire candidates who know about their industry and its challenges, and who have thought about ways that they can contribute to the company’s success.

If your first question to the interviewer is, “So, what does this company do?” you will not be getting the call.

  1. You are desperate

While it is good to be enthusiastic about the role, candidates who seem simply desperate for a job turn off employers.

You have to play it cool, but not too cool. Display confidence without being cocky.

Remember, you are also there to do them a favor because they need your skills and service to grow their business.

Be confident of what you have and do not sell yourself cheap

  1. You do not look the part in terms of dressing

A job interview isn’t a fashion show, and you don’t have to be a supermodel. For the most part, it’s enough to look well-groomed, professional and respectful. This means dressing up a little more than you normally would to show that you care and that you take the interview seriously.

  1. You have unrealistic salary expectations

Of course, you know how much money you would like to earn – and what cut you would like to have from your employer, but if your expectations are unrealistic, or you’re too demanding or inflexible, it will turn employers off.

Do your researches, find out the salary range that jobs like yours pay in your area, and be willing to negotiate for the best deal you can get.

  1. Unprofessional CV

In your resume, a typo-error can constitute the difference between whether you get an interview or find your application automatically rejected.

Never submit a resume that you have not run through a spell checker and a grammar checker. Always make sure that someone with a good command of grammar rules reviewed your resume.

Your formatting is also important. Recruiters do not want to see fancy resumes; they want to see resumes that are easy to read. Your CV should be rich with details about you that can convince your employer to invite you for an interview.

Many CVs are rejected and thrown into the trashcan because of common mistakes job seekers do while writing their CVs and the process of submitting their CVs.

It is very important for you to represent your CV well because CV is a document that tells the employer who you are, what you have done and what you can do.

Many CVs are rejected because they are not attractive and they do not contain convincing info the employer is looking for.

  1. Sending CV with no cover letter

Do you know that employers do not open a CV that is not accompanied by a cover letter?

A cover letter should be sent out with every CV. It provides an effective summary of your skills and experience in relation to the specific position you are applying for.

The cover letter is your sales document. It should complement your CV. When emailing your CV, your cover letter becomes the email message.

Simply type your letter in the body of the email. (Do not send as an attachment).  Many applicants just send their CV with a blank mail; it will never be attended to if you do that.

Your CV should be targeted to appeal solely to the niche or position you are applying for. Not tailoring your CV is the most dangerous mistake you can ever make when writing your CV.

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University of Hildesheim/University of Maiduguri/University of Cape Coast PhD Scholarships 2019/2020 for African Students.

We hereby announce the availability of twelve 10-month scholarships for African students at the PhD level at the University of Maiduguri, Nigeria and University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

Application Deadline: 31st July 2019.

Eligible Countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Germany

About the Award: The interdisciplinary Graduate School ‘Performing Sustainability. Cultures and Development in West Africa’ is a collaborative training network for postgraduate students of the University of Hildesheim (Germany), the University of Maiduguri (Nigeria) and the University of Cape Coast (Ghana). The initiative is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and focuses on innovative research that brings together approaches from performance, arts and culture to bear on sustainable development as defined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A specific focus of the Graduate School is on issues of peace and conflict resolution.

In case of the extension of the program after 2020 and the continuation of the scholarships, a three-month exchange to the University of Hildesheim in Germany and research internships will be part of the program.

Eligibility: The Graduate School offers the opportunity to learn and exchange experiences in an international academic environment with scholars from Nigeria, Ghana and Germany. It is targeting qualified young scholars and students. It is addressed to qualified young scientists and students.

Selection Criteria: Candidates will be selected based on their qualification and motivation. Special emphasis is
placed on gender balance. We particularly encourage women and people with diverse backgrounds to apply. International applicants are eligible to apply but requested to relocate to Maiduguri for the study period.

Number of Awards:

6 PhD scholarships at the University of Maiduguri (Nigeria)
6 PhD scholarships at the University of Cape Coast (Ghana)
Value of Award:  Participants in the Graduate School will pay the respective tuition fees for the programs they are enrolled in, but all costs in relation to the Graduate School (workshops, access to library and technical material) will be
covered. Scholarship holders will additionally receive a monthly stipend.

Duration of Programme: The scholarships will commence in March 2020 until December 2020, with the possibility of extension to up to three years depending on the funding agency.

How to Apply: To apply please submit your application as stated in the Links below (preferably in one PDF document) via email to:

Visit Programme Webpage for Details


Call for Papers: Africa and the Second World War

Call for papers now open in Africa and the Second World War to be presented at the Second World War Research Group, Southern Africa Conference, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Application Deadline: 1st October 2019.

To be taken at (country): Second World War Research Group, Southern Africa Conference, University of Stellenbosch, SA.

About the Award: The Second World War has shaped the world in which we live. The Second World War was the defining episode of the twentieth century. A truly total and global war, the scale of the carnage outstripped the Great War in physical destruction and dislocation and the loss of human life. The death tally was not only higher, but civilian non-combatants formed a far greater proportion. As a result, life in 1946 was vastly different from that in 1938. Societal relations changed irrevocably and the war, marked by rapid, unprecedented technological change, ushered in the nuclear age and changed thinking about strategy and tactics and the application of military power. It was also a major watershed in terms of how ordinary people thought, highlighting new divisions, but also new possibilities. It brought a truly global age: travel became much more accessible, ideas now moved more freely, colonialism was ended together with the political hegemony of Western Europe and North America, ushering in a bipolar, Cold-War era.

This conference seeks to bring together scholars to examine the African campaigns of the war and the naval operations in African waters and explore the implications these held for those that fought and particularly for the peoples of the African continent. The event will be hosted in the same week as a symposium to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Jan Smuts, South Africa’s wartime prime minister.

Field of Research: Politics and alliances / National interest / Defence policy / Intelligence and the threat perception / Societies at war / Homefronts / Mobilisation / Production and consumption / Economics / Industry / Resistance to the war / Propaganda / Military organisation, force design, preparation / Campaigns and battles / Soldier experiences / Veterans’ tales

Eligibility: Paper and panel proposals are invited. Contributions covering the African campaigns or taking thematic approaches are equally welcomed. Participants will be invited to discuss new research and provide expert feedback. A book publication is planned.

Number of Awards: Not specified

Duration of Award: 27-29 May 2020

How to Apply: The current deadline to submit a proposal (a title and a 300-word abstract with short cv) is 1 October 2019. We aim to have completed papers for the conference, which we hope to share a fortnight before the event. A full timeline to follow.

Address submissions and enquiries to:

Ian van der Waag (ian@ma2.sun.ac.za)

Kent Fedorowich (Kent.Fedorowich@uwe.ac.uk)


Visit Award Webpage for Details


Application Deadline: 12th July, 2019

For the first time NIIT is launching futuristic cutting-edge Digital Transformation Programs aligned with Industry 4.0 like Power Business Intelligence (BI), Python, Internet of Thing (IoT), Block Chain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning with R, DIGINXT-MMS Software Engineering: Full Stack Developer (Python, REST, Angular JS, REACT), Data Analytics (Machine Learning using R & Python, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence), Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, Mobile & Email Marketing, ORM), Big Data, Java Enterprise Apps with Dev Ops, in Nigeria.

The 20th NIIT NIGERIA NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP is being announced to provide Scholarship assistance to deserving and meritorious students across various disciplines – School Leavers, Under Graduates, Graduates [Unemployed, Under-Employed], Individuals desirous of enhancing their technical skill-sets and students in general who aspire to know about I.T. and career in I.T. The offer is to enable them realize their dream of a successful career in the field of Information Technology and related Industries.

For the first time on the occasion of 20th Scholarship NIIT is offering 100 % Free scholarship to 20 Digital Star of Nigeria. This year Scholarship test is scheduled to be held on 13th July 2019. Hurry up! last to apply for Scholarship is 12th July 2019.

For More Information:

Visit the official webpage of the NIIT NIGERIA 20th NATIONAL IT SCHOLARSHIP 2019

4 Adam Smith Business School Excellence Scholarships at University of Glasgow UK, 2019

The University of Glasgow is offering 4 Adam Smith Business School Excellence Scholarships for 2019 entry to students from Nigeria entering the Adam Smith Business School. The scholarship is awarded as a tuition fee discount.

The University of Glasgow is the fourth-oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of Scotland’s four ancient universities.

If English is not the student’s first language, they will be required to provide a language test before they can start their studies.

Scholarship Description:

• Applications Deadline: End of April 2019
• Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Postgraduate Taught programme.
• Study Subject: Scholarships are available for following Postgraduate programmes in the Adam Smith Business School:
• Corporate Governance & Accountability [MSc] (pg)
• Development Studies [MSc] (pg)
• Economic Development [MSc] (pg)
• Economics, Banking & Finance [MSc] (pg)
• Environment & Sustainable Development [MSc] (pg)
• Finance & Economic Development [MSc] (pg)
• Finance & Management [MSc] (pg)
• Financial Economics [MSc] (pg)
• International Banking & Finance [MSc] (pg)
• International Business [MSc] (pg)
• International Human Resource Management & Development [MSc] (pg)
• International Management & Design Innovation [MSc] (pg)
• International Strategic Marketing [MSc] (pg)
• Management & Sustainable Tourism [MSc] (pg)
• Management with Enterprise & Business Growth [MSc] (pg)
• Management with Human Resources [MSc] (pg)

• Scholarship Award: The scholarship is awarded as a tuition fee discount.
• 2 x £5,000
• 2 x £10,000

• Nationality: Nigeria students are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
• Number of Scholarships: 4 Scholarships are available.
• Scholarship can be taken in the UK

Eligibility for the Scholarship:

Eligible Countries: Nigeria students are eligible to apply for the scholarship
Entrance Requirements: To be eligible, applicants must:
• Demonstrate academic excellence and meet the ASBS entry requirements
• Hold a conditional or unconditional offer for an eligible postgraduate taught programme
• Be classed as an International Student for fee purposes
• Be resident in Nigeria at time of applying

English Language Requirements: If English is not a student’s first language, they will be required to provide a language test before they can start their studies.

Application Procedure:

How to Apply: Applicants will be automatically assessed for a scholarship based on academic merit and nominations will be made by International Officer – Ajoke Olakunle.

For more details visit here

Online Application

Scholarship Link

Shell Undergraduate Scholarships 2019-2020 for Nigerian Students.

The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (Operator of the NNPC/SHELL /TEPN/AGIP Joint Venture) Scholarship Scheme offers first year students in all Nigerian universities the opportunity to study with an annual grant from the SPDC JV for the full duration of their course.

The programme aims to promote academic excellence and improve the skills of young Nigerians.

Shell  Undergraduate Scholarships for  Students in Nigerian Universities 2019 is subdivided in two categories: National Merit Award (NM) and Areas of Operation Merit Award (OM).

The Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) of Nigeria Limited (Operator of NNPC/SHELL/TEPN/AGIP Joint Venture) Scholarship Scheme offers second year students in all Nigerian universities the opportunity to study with an annual grant from the SPDC JV for the full duration of their course. The scholarship aims to promote academic excellence and improve the skills of young Nigerians.

The merit-based scholarship is in two categories – the National Merit Award (NM) and the Areas of Operation Merit Award(OM).

i) The National Merit Award (NM): Is open to all Nigerians.

ii) The Areas of Operation Merit Award (OM): is for Nigerians who are indigenes of SPDC’s operational areas in Abia, Bayelsa, Delta, Imo and Rivers States.

Who is qualified to apply? Eligible Applicants must:

  • Be Nigerian citizens.
  • Be registered Full Time undergraduates in an accredited University in Nigeria
  • Be in 200 level with a minimum CGPA of 2.5
  • Have a minimum of 5 credits, including Mathematics and English in their Senior School Certificate Examinations
  • Have a minimum of 200 score in UTME

How to Apply

  1. Every applicant should have a valid personal email address (for consistent communication).
  2. Scanned copies of letters of identification, stamped and signed by:
    • The Paramount Ruler of the Community; and
    • The Chairman of the Community Development (CDC) or
    • The Chairman of the Executive Council (CEC) or
  3. The Community Trust (CT) are also required for applicants for the Operational Area Awards. The letters should be addressed to: “The ER Manager, Social Performance/Social Investment, The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited, Port Harcourt, Rivers State”.

Please note: Each scanned document must not exceed 200KB and the image format must be in JPEG. Beware of the fraud websites when applying for scholar ships online. Such websites will ask you to pay for the programme, in some cases, even before submitting the application.

These are completely faux sites which should be avoided. For more information or clarification please send an email to: spdccommunitycontact@shell.com


  • Shell DOES NOT DEMAND PAYMENT FROM APPLICANTS. The application is entirely FREE of charge.
  • Shell DOES NOT ASSIGN ‘ Representatives’ /’Agents’ to assist applicants’ process applications.
  • There will be no selection tests as selection will be based strictly on relative academic performance.
  • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

We cherish your opinion and we look forward to it. Hence, if you need us to feed you with more updated information at the right time about Shell Scholarships 2019, kindly subscribe with your email address to our newsletter.

What’s your take on this? We believe this article was helpful, if yes, don’t hesitate to share this information with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Google plus.

Application opens on October 2nd, 2019 and closes November 12th, 2019.

For more details visit the official website

Kwame Nkrumah University MasterCard Scholarships 2019/2020

  • The MasterCard Foundation aims to raise transformational leaders who will influence change on the African Continent.

Scholarship Overview

  • The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at KNUST provides academically talented yet economically disadvantaged young people in Ghana and Africa with access to quality and relevant university education.
  • It embodies an array of mentoring and cultural transition services to ensure student academic success, community engagement and transition to employment opportunities which will further social and economic change in Africa.

Host School(s)

  •  Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, Kumasi, Ghana is one of the host schools for this prestigious scholarship.
  • Established in 1952, KNUST has a rich history in its evolution into a first class University over the years. Kwame Nkrumah, the African Personality of the Century and pioneer of African independence is the founder of KNUST.
  • KNUST believes in achievement through diligence and commitment, and continually develops plans not only to maintain its status as Ghana’s No.1 University but also to improve its international standing.

Field(s) of Study

  • All subjects are considered, with preference given to Science students.

What does the scholarship cover?

  • Comprehensive financial support (full tuition, fully paid accommodation, learning materials and uniforms, transportation and stipend
  • Regular group meetings with other scholars that focus on personal and professional development opportunities and activities tailored to build relationships and scholar capacity.
  • Continued academic support through academic mentoring, virtual learning, life and career coaching and tutoring
  • Opportunities to participate in leadership congresses, community service and mentoring(Go-Back Give- Back) and uniquely sourced internship.
  • An academic environment where faculty and students engage with global issues.
  • The prestige of becoming part of the growing family of MasterCard Foundation Scholars Community and Alumni.
  • Undergraduates have the opportunity to be selected for an accelerated Masters Degree with an MCF partner institution in the USA.

How many scholarships are given?

  • Several scholarships are given out every year.

Am I Eligible to Apply?

 Below are the criteria for admission into this program.

  • ALL STUDENTS FROM THE 303 LESS ENDOWED SCHOOLS (classified by the GHANA EDUCATION SERVICE) who satisfy KNUST’s admission requirements
  • Attention will also be given to students outside the less endowed schools with extremely critical needs.
  • Applicants should have WASSCE, GBCE, ABCE, and GCE ‘O’ Level or equivalent results from an accredited institution.
  • Students who are awaiting results will not be accepted.
  • International students from provable economically vulnerable background
  • Girls and physically challenged applicants will be given top priority
  • A good record of accomplishment in leadership and community engagement.
  • The applicant must be prepared to “Go-Back Give-Back” to his or her community.

Closing Date:

  • Applications close on March 29, 2019.

How do I get more information and to apply? Visit here

Federal Ministry Of Education Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Undergraduate Scholarship 2019/2020


Scholarship Details


The Honourable Minister of Education (HME), Mallam Adamu Adamu, hereby invites interested and qualified Nigerians to participate in the 2019/2020 Nomination computer Based Test (CBT) for the Federal Government Scholarship Awards for:

i) Undergraduate (UG) studies tenable in Russia, Morocco, Algeria, Serbia, Hungary, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Cuba, Romania, Ukraine, Japan, Macedonia; and
ii) Postgraduate (PG) studies tenable in Russia (for those whose first degrees were obtained from Russia), China, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey, Japan, Mexico, South Korea.

2.0 All qualified candidates are advised to:
a. Visit Federal Ministry of Education’s website www.education.gov.ng and click on READ MORE on Federal Scholarship Board ICON on the Home Page:

. b. Read Guidelines and then Complete the Application Form online
c. Print the completed Application Form
d. Submit two sets of the Printed Application Forms at the venue of the interview as scheduled below.

a. Undergraduate level – Engineering, Geology, Agriculture, Sciences, Mathematics, Languages, Environmental Sciences, Sports, Law, Social Sciences, Biotechnology, Architecture, Medicine (very limited), etc;

Scholarship Requirements

Eligibility Requirements:


All applicants for undergraduate degree courses must possess a minimum qualification of Five (5) Distinctions (As & Bs) in the Senior Secondary School Certificates, WAEC (May/June) only in the subjects relevant to their fields of study including English Language and Mathematics. Certificates should not be more than Two (2) years old (2017& 2018)for African countries the age of certificate is one year (2018) only. Age limit is from 18 to 20 years.

NOTE (For all Applicants):
i) Since the BEA countries are non-English speaking, applicants should be prepared to undertake a mandatory one year foreign Languare course of the country of choice which will be the standard medium of instruction;
ii) Japan applicants must have very strong background in further mathematics;
iii) The required certificates for candidates applying for Iman Preachers and Quaranic Professor for Islamic Religious studies in Algeria is WAEC as in other scholarship awards;
iv) All applicants for Hungarian Scholarship can apply for up to two fields of study in order of preference; and
v) All applicants for Hungarian Scholarships must visit the website: www.stipendiumhungaricum.hu before 15th january, 2019.
Complete the application form online

Print the completed form and bring to the interview venue in addition to 2.0 above.


All eligible applicants are to report for interview at the venues scheduled for accredidation a day to the date scheduled for examination. Two sets of completed application forms should be submitted at the various JAMB CBT centres with the following attachments:
i. Two sets of Photocopies of Educational Certificates and Testimonials of previous schools attended with the originals for sighting;
ii. Only one certificate is accepted i.e WAEC of May/June for
Undergraduate applicants;
iii. Two copies of Birth Certificate from National Population Commission;
iv. State of origin/LGA certificate duly signed, stamped and dated;
v. Four (4) coloured passport sized photographs on white background; and
vi. Postgraduate applicatns will be required to submit Academic transcripts and NYSC discharge or Excemption certificates only.

NB: Candidates nominated by the Board will be required to submit to Federal Scholarship Board the following:
i) Authenticated copies of academic certificates;
ii) Data page of current International passport; and
iii) Specified Medical Reports from Government hospitals.
iv) Police Clearance Certificate where necessary.

Application forms are completed online as follows: Complete form online Submit and Print a copy Attach Photocopy of the following documents to the Printed Copy
i. Letter of Admission to the Institution
ii. Current Course Registration Form
iii. CGPA results of year 1, 2, 3, etc.
iv. Current School’s Identity Card
v. Letter of Identification from your State/Local Government
vi. Two (2) passport size photographs with your name written at the back and duly signed by you.


  • Printed Copy should be endorsed (signed and stamped) by your HOD or Dean of Faculty of your institution.


During the application candidates are expected to
indicate the following:
i) Centre of choice for the Computer Based Test (CBT); and
ii) Choice of programme preferred in order of priority (i.e. Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA), Nigerian Award (N/A), Sustaniable Development Goals (SDGs) scholarship for girls only).
iii) Warning : Double Enteries will be disqualied
i) Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA): 08077884417/09094268637
ii) Nigerian Award/SDGs: 08077884418/08091155229
iv) fsb@education.gov.ng/fsbbea@education.gov.ng/fsbna@education.gov.ng

All Scholarships Website

Apply/Register Here

STEM Scholarships for Female Students in Africa, 2018

The Mwalimu Nyerere African Union Scholarship Scheme was launched in 2007 with the aim of contributing to the production and retention of high caliber African human capital for sustainable development of the continent in critical development areas, while promoting regional integration through intra-Africa mobility of students.

The African Union Commission is offering a Call for Scholarship Applications (For Female Applicants Only) for Masters and PhD Programmes in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The Scholarship Scheme is intended to enable young Africans to study in reputable African Universities with a binding agreement that beneficiaries will work in any African country for at least the same duration of scholarship period after graduation.

Scholarship Description:
  • Application Deadline: April 30, 2018
  • Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing Masters and PhD Programme.
    Study Subject: Scholarships are awarded in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
  • Scholarship Award: The scholarship award covers the following:
    Tuition Fees: According to an official invoice from the Host University.
    Stipend: 500 US$ monthly, to support living expenses such as housing, food, utilities, local transportation and medication.
    Book Allowance: An allowance of 500 US$ per year for the purchase of books.
    Air ticket: A round-trip economy fare for the most direct route between the beneficiary’s home country and the study destination of host Institute.
    Travel Allowance: One-off payment of 250 US$ to contribute towards ground transportation from airport and settling-in costs One-off payment of 350 US$ to assist with shipping and other terminal expenses; upon departure from the host Institution after successful completion of the study.
    Computer Allowance: One-off payment of 1,000 US$ for the purchase of laptop computer and accessories.
  • Number of Scholarships: Not Known
  • Scholarship can be taken in Africa

Eligibility for the Scholarship:

  • Eligible Countries: Female citizens of an African Union Member State are eligible to apply.
  • Entrance Requirements: To be eligible for the Scholarship, a candidate must:
    Be a Female Citizen of an African Union Member State
    Be under the age of thirty-five (35) years for Masters Programmes and under forty (40) years for PhD Programmes.
    Be a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in the relevant field, at the level of Upper Second Class Honours for a Masters’ Programme; and a holder of Masters’ Degree in the relevant field for a PhD Programme. The degree must be from a reputable University
    Have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement as evidenced by academic transcripts, and academic awards if any.
    Have proof of admission to undertake a full-time Masters or PhD programme in a recognized university of an African Union Member State.
    Be willing to commit to work in an African Union Member State on completion of studies for at least three (3) years.
  • English Language Requirements: Applicants must scan and produce electronic copies of all the above documents (converted to PDF format) and send via email.

Application Procedure:

The applicants should submit their formal application which should include the following:

  • Completed application form
  • Recent passport-size photograph
  • Summarized CV with names and contacts of two referees.
  • Certified copies of academic certificates and transcripts
  • Certified copies of Passport or national Identity Card indicating citizenship
  • Copy of admission letter from a reputable African University
  • Two (2) Reference Letters with contact addresses.
  • An essay of not more than 500 words that explains why the candidate has chosen her particular field of study and its importance to Africa’s development

How to Apply:

Applicants must scan and produce electronic copies of all the above documents (converted to PDF format) and send via email.

Click here to apply

Crystalinks Education Essay Competition 2018

The second edition of the Crystalinks Education Essay Competition 2018 will open for entries on 16th April 2018.


Participants in this contest are required to carry out research and also go through the services and core values of Crystalinks Education through the website www.crystalinkseducation.com and proffer implementable methods that can successfully pitch educational consultancy firms like Crystalinks Education in African countries especially Nigeria.


1. Participants must be students and individuals in Africa aged between 15-25 years.
2. Submissions should be made by email only to submissions@crystalinkseducation.com.
3. Only one entry per participant is allowed.
4. Submissions should include a cover letter with name, date of birth, email address and/or phone number of the participant.
5. Essays must be between 800-1000 words.
6. All submissions must be in English language.
7. Winners will be determined by judges selected by Crystalinks Education.
8. Participants will be rated or judged for out-of-the-box Content, Organization, Expression, and Mechanical Accuracy.
9. Submission of entries will be open from April 16th to April 30th 2018.

A longlist of ten (10) will be published on May 15th 2018.
A shortlist of five (5) will be published on May 22nd 2018.
Winners will be published on June 1st 2018.


1st Prize – N50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira)
2nd Prize – N30,000 (Thirty Thousand Naira)
3rd Prize – N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira)


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