Toni Olatunji

Toni Olatunji is committed to helping people navigate life, harness and release the treasures locked up in them. He deploys his gifts of speaking, teaching and writing towards helping individuals and organizations thrive.

He’s the Director and Lead Facilitator of HeadstartLife Academy, a human capacity development institute that seeks to prepare secondary & post-secondary school students for the fast-changing economic world, helping them make well-informed career and work-related choices so they live highly productive and purpose-driven lives.

He co-manages a information technology business, Barastreams Digital Agency, that help small & medium scale businesses/brands grow their revenue, profit and impact by maximizing digital technology, providing services such as web design & management, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, digital marketing, mobile app development, etc.

He is the pioneer president of Dynamic Teens Ministry International, an interdenominational organization committed to raising a purpose-driven generation. Dynamic Teens Ministry regularly holds meetings for teenagers and youths.

Toni has written a couple of books, among which are: Masterpiece, Things I Wish I Knew Before Tertiary School, By Design or By Design: How to live intentionally, Recalibrate, etc.