Website Design Without Writing A Code

In this era of internet, blogging, social media, online marketing, personal branding, digital products, online marketplace, etc, website design skill and digital world exposure are invaluable.

Learning how to design websites will boost your creativity, expose you to the digital world and make you handsome active or passive income depending on how you want to convert the skill.

Website design skill is one of the best empowerments anyone can have in this 21st century because most businesses are going digital and more will follow suit. Over two hundred thousand websites are launched daily.

With the advent of open source technology like content management system CMS, anybody, I repeat, anybody can easily learn website design skills in one day and design their first website that same day.

Over 200,000 websites are created daily and that’s a strong proof of the importance of website design skills.  26% of websites on the internet are built on WordPress.

What’s Website Designing

Web design is simply the process of creating and designing websites. While the terms web design and web development is often used interchangeably, web design is technically a subset of the broader category of web development. Don’t be scared by the definition, you don’t need it to design a website.

Types of websites

There are three basic types of websites; they are Blog, Static and Dynamic websites.

Over time, people have named websites based on function and use. On that ground, we have the following types of website:

  • Landing page
  • Business website
  • Classified website
  • Personal website
  • Ecommerce website
  • Company website
  • Portals
  • Events
  • Forums
  • Lifestyle
  • Blog, etc


To build a website, you will need the following:

Domain – A domain name is simply a technical word for a website address. For example, fablousimpact.com. Let us break it down more, domain name is just like your home address you give to a friend to point her to your house.

Domain Extensions – are the suffixes or the last part of a domain name – the letters that come after the dot to the right of any domain name. For example, .com, .ng, .com.ng, .org, .us, etc.

Hosting – A hosting service allows you to make your website accessible on www (World Wide Web) or internet.

That’s on a simple term. A host is the house of your website files, that’s media (images, pdf, doc, videos, audios, info graph, etc.) and a server that connects your website to the internet and makes it accessible to your visitors when they visit your website address.

This is how it works. When a visitor visits your website address (e.g, https://fablousimpact.com) it will point to your host (that’s the house of your website files) and will show the visitor the content of the address.

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In other words, your house address is your domain name while your house is the host.

Types of Hosting

There are different types of hosting services. We have:

* Shared Web Hosting

* Reseller Web Hosting

* Cloud Based Web Hosting

* Virtual Private Server (VPS)

* Dedicated Web Server

* Colocation Web Hosting

* Self Service Web Hosting

* Managed WordPress Hosting

The most popular and cheapest is shared hosting followed by Wp Hosting… Wp means WordPress

To design a website, you have to buy a domain and a hosting service which will give you access to the Control panel (Cpanel) where you will install WordPress – an open-source content management system that will enable you design websites with no coding skills.

Or rather, you can use a local hosting software to install your WordPress and build a website.

Local hosting software allows you to install and design a website without a domain and a live host.

Control Panel (cPanel) – The cPanel provides you with tools to manage the server-end of your website.

Don’t worry about the grammar, the most important thing, for now, is a cPanel tool called Softaculous App Installer just like the normal Playstore in your android phone where you install Apps, Softaculous App Installer is where you will install Scripts (App) such as WordPress, Joomla, Abante Cart, etc.

We are working with WordPress, so look for WordPress and click on Install Now.

Once you install WordPress, you will a link ending with _wp-admin/_ this will bring you to your backend – WordPress Dashboard where website design and management take place.

WordPress – Just like a said above, WordPress is an open-source content management system CMS that allows you to design a website without coding skills…

Themes – A theme is a collection of templates and stylesheets used to define the appearance and display of a WordPress powered website.

Theme is primary to WordPress; a theme must be active in order to use WordPress.

Theme makes it easier to design a website, it provides you with already made templates, modules, and structures that make web creation easier and faster.

For example, we have free themes and premium themes.

Example of popular free themes – Astra, OceanWp, etc

Example of Premium or Paid theme – Divi Theme

Plugins – Plugins extends the functionality of your WordPress site.

It is secondary but there are some plugins you must install in your website to enhance the performance.

We also have free and premium Plugins. Free themes and Plugins can have a paid version.

For example, we have the plugins-

SEO Plugins

Event Plugins

Download Plugins

Contact Form Plugins

Security Plugins

Woocommerce Plugin

Backup Plugins, etc..


You need to understand UX and UI

UX means User Experience while UI means User Interface.

These two factors are very important when designing a website.

You must design a website with the users in mind.

UX/UI design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with your website by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the website.

Frontend is the user side of your website… That’s the beautiful side of your website that visitors interact with…

This will enable build a complete and functional website without spending a dime on domain and hosting until you are ready to go live…

Benefits Of Website Designing Skills

Benefits of website designing skills cannot be overemphasized, which are

  1. Self Empowerment

Website design skill is one skill that will always bring you money in this 21st century. Day by day businesses are going online, over 200000 websites are launched daily, imagine if you are designing 4 of them monthly at 50k (that’s a worst-case scenario). That’s a lot of money. In this era of massive unemployment, you can earn a living from website designing.

  1. Employability

Website design skill is a good competitive advantage in the labor market nowadays. Every business needs employees that can manage their online presence and help them market their products online. It will make a lot of sense if you add web design skills to your other skills set because it will stand you out and help you get the job.

  1. Personal Use and Business

Even if you don’t want to work as a web designer, your web design skills can save you cost, help you maintain and manage your own website. You can easily set up an online store for your business instead of paying someone to do it for you.

  1. Knowledge and Use Of Technology

Your eyes will be opened to the knowledge and the use of technology. This will help you communicate with any technology solutions and easily operate them.

  1. Learn With Local and Live Hosting

You won’t need to buy a domain or hosting to start learning or building websites. You will learn how to create a portfolio that brings in more web projects. You will also learn the host to build websites on live hosting directly.

  1. Career In Digital Media

With website design skills, you can start a digital media agency and consultancy. Nevertheless, you have to combine web design with digital marketing skills which I will be giving as a free course. You can work from the comfort of your home.

  1. Promotions and Go-To Person

Digital skills will always make you stand out wherever you find yourself. You can get promoted for contributions you made leveraging website design skills and exposure. People will always come to you for help when it comes to digital things.

  1. Teach others and Make More Money

You can start making money by teaching other people how to design a website, it can be children, young people or adults. Just come up with your strategies and you are in business.

  1. Virtual Assistant Career

You can start a virtual assistant career with website design skills. You can help people and businesses maintain and manage their website at a fee. This one pays well and you can market your services via social media.

  1. Make Money While In School – For Undergraduates

If you are a student and you need a skill that will make you money, that will be website design skills and digital marketing. You just have to pack yourself and be creative.

Other Benefits

The benefits of website designing cannot be overemphasized in this new media age. The need for website will keep on increasing day by day and that will create more opportunities for those that have the skills.


Here is the course outline of what you will be learning.

  • How to build and design any type of website – Lifestyle, Business, Blog, Company, School, Fashion, Makeup, Spa Website and etc. Any type you can think of.
  • How to build Online Store – Ecommerce website
  • How to integrate a payment processor on your website and social media platforms.
  • Knowledge and Use of Plugins
  • Knowledge and Use of Theme
  • UX (User Experience) & UI (User Interface) Design.
  • Website Maintenance and Security
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local Hosting – Free Domain and Hosting
  • Live Hosting
  • How To Design a Social Media Optimized Website.

You get the following month watering bonuses when you buy the course.

Premium Theme

Divi Theme – Worth $249 (Lifetime Membership) This theme will help you build any type of website quickly and professionally.

Free Themes

The course covers how to design websites with the top free themes and the best ever premium theme – Divi Theme

Freelance Course

Comprehensive Freelancing Course – Worth 30k. This course will teach you everything you need to know about freelance and how to set up gigs that sell.

Lifetime Support From Me

You will get lifetime support from any anytime you need it. I will make a video to teach you how you will achieve what you need solutions on until you master the act and art of website design. I will answer all of your questions.

The Business Of Website Designing

You get a free e-book on how to make 6 figures monthly from website designing.

Professional and Secret Resources

I will show you professional and secret tools that web design professionals use to make their work stand out. It took me years to know, you will get the secrets immediately.

Search Engine optimization and Speed Optimization

You get a free course on search engine optimization and how to speed up your website.

Over 100 Sample Proposal To Get Clients

You will get over 100 sample proposals you can use to get clients for web design projects.

Well, we have WordPress.com and WordPress.org…

You can easily setup a free blog on WordPress.com but there are many limitations… It is not all free, and the premium version is outrageously expensive.

WordPress.org is cool. I strongly recommend it for anyone that is serious about making money via blog or online store.

Visit https://business.fablousimpact.com/ for affordable website design






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