Intra-personal Relationship

Intra-personal relationship is basically relationship with self. That I trust God to reveal the fashion of you He knew when He formed you in your mother's womb.

You might have been bruised but I know you have been fashioned to crush the head of the enemy.

You might see a messed up you but then God sees a ‘you’ with a message.

When we talk about having a relationship with ourselves.


Intra-personal relationship is basically relationship with self. That I trust God to reveal the fashion of you He knew when He formed you in your mother's womb.

You might have been bruised but I know you have been fashioned to crush the head of the enemy.

You might see a messed up you but then God sees a ‘you’ with a message.

When we talk about having a relationship with ourselves.

It goes down deep into how we view ourselves, how we carry ourselves. The belief we have about ourselves.

The thought we think towards ourselves, who we think we are, and how we relate with ourselves.

Because you extend the relationship you've built with yourself to the world


Baby, how do you see yourself?

Just how?

How you see yourself goes a long way to affect almost all you do


I know we have heard this a lot of times, but I am here to remind you of the value you carry. You worth so much more than what the devil tells you about you

Hey beautiful...hey handsome

You've gone after people but it's time to go after yourself. You are everything good. God never created you incomplete. So you need to begin to see yourself as a total being. A complete being

All that God made is good.

Now, those are lies from the pit of hell telling you are not good enough

Those images playing in your head are not real.

What is real about you is that God made you wonderful.

In the process of trying to figure out who you are and where you belong.

You do all to fit.

To fit, but God did not create you to fit in. He created you and then set you apart. You probably didn't know you that's why you got it wrong all along

I tell you, honey. That it's time to purse and take a break, because you need to know who you are, you need to get to know you. Hey, you seem to know people too well but how well do you communicate with yourself?

You minister to people, how well do you minister to yourself?

Knowing who you are ends comparison.

Many people spend their time thinking and worrying about other people's green grass. Little did they know that that has all it takes to make their land greener. So sorry for the poor Network

I will like to end by telling you that you have pursued things. Never have you thought other people's life is moving faster than yours is.

God did not create time to put pressure on you, He created time so that you can appreciate life. The standard is not others; the standard is what God has called you to do.

There is a you in you that you need to discover and come to Acceptance with. Accepting that you are you and making efforts to grow is the beginning of peace.

You can never deny yourself and expect others to accept you

It starts with you, if you are going to have people riding with you in the boat then you must be willing to make the ride worth it with you.

Be a person that ignites something in people. Accept that you are not one in a million; you are just you. We can never get another you. So why try to fit in when God has actually set you apart.

Everyone whom God used was people set apart. Not those trying to fit in. Stop going everywhere when all you need to do is take a break to rediscover who you are

Because of how I grew up, I suffered low self-esteem and a lot that you can think of

But then I woke one day and said to myself that Victoria, “There's got to be more, you are more than these feelings of not being good enough.

Guys! I have words for you specifically

Now, I know it's tough on you. The world didn't make it easy either

Even before you knew you were a man, they have given you the responsibility

Before you even said the first word out of your mouth, they have shouldered you with responsibility.

The temptation is more now because we are in a word where physical things like cars, houses, etc define success.

It gets tougher to hear what your rates are doing.

You can't talk to anyone.

So you just bottle up, Why some go illegal to make things happen

Because of course, you've got to fit in

Hey! I want you to know God sees your struggles

He sees you are trying, you need to tell yourself regularly that you are good enough and nothing can stop you.

Yeah, see your mates...and so? You are not your mates...you are you. Fashioned to be more than the present.

Some people are actually spending their last millions and driving their last car.

Do not envy such, seeth thou a diligent man right? Yes, God is going to reward you massively

To my beautiful ladies, seeing those celebrities flaunt things, seeing your mates get married and have kids.

Oh wow! Everything seems to put together for them, and you are like, what the hell is wrong with my life?

Like when?

Hey, secretly, you are wishing you had that big breast or backyard, oh, you want a summer body. You just don't feel good enough.

When you show to the world that you don't feel good enough, they treat you like you are not worth nothing.

We live in a world that loves to leverage vulnerability. That is why you must come to a place of bonding with yourself. Such that nothing negative penetrate, and terminate the relationships you have built with yourself.

It is accepting yourself that gives you the confidence to stand when a new colleague resumes at work and seems she is the next one everybody focuses on. You are not moved because you know you have what makes you unique so you need to drag anything.

Let me also ring it that it goes to your relationship.

Relationship does not have to be hard and full of suffering to show that it's love

You are not defined by how many abuses you can take. Sometimes it is like of self-acceptance that makes you stay in a toxic relationship

I am so sorry the network is terrible tonight.

You will only stop being frustrated when you focus on being you. When you decide to take a journey into discovering who you truly are and what you are truly made of.

Trust me, I know sometimes you feel bad and terrible about a lot of things. You are frustrated things ain't going as planned, but have you sat back to ask if you are actually going the right path you ought to?

If you lead yourself to a path that is not yours because of pressure

Trust me, you are coming to repeat that journey again. You've gone after people. But right now, it's time to go after you. God made no mistake in making you. If someone else could function as you then there won't be a need for you.

Before He formed you in your mother's womb, He formed you. Have you discovered the ‘you’ He formed in the womb?

You need to know that for a long time you never knew you.

But right now, it's about time. If that situation that could have killed you didn't then God preserved you for a reason. It's time to discover the message in your history. You've lost touch with yourself chasing shadows

You are confused as to what you are to do with your life.

Well, no village people are doing.

Maybe it's God's way of telling you to step back, rediscover then run

That has to do with interpersonal relationship that is relationship with others. I only discussed intra-personal relationship which is communicating with oneself as per the topic I was given to talk about but trust me if you have a healthy relationship with yourself, dealing with other people won't be a problem because you have come to a place of self-actualization where you no longer see people as competitors.

One of the major problems we encounter at work and with others is insecurity issues.

Feeling of I am not good enough, which later spills out into negative emotion, like anger, Hatred, Jealousy, etc

Developing a healthy relationship with yourself helps you have a healthy mindset towards others

People will through a lot at you from work to family and friends etc

But then you've worked on yourself so much that they don't get to penetrate through you

You are not yet to prove to people. You are here to express to the world what God knew before you were formed in your mother's womb. No pressure

The moment I started having a healthy relationship with myself, my self-esteem increased. But how do we handle parents and relations that keep telling you that it is village people that's interfering with someone's life?

I am so sorry to say this but obviously it is the reality. Sometimes the love our parents has for us can be so genuine to a point of becoming poisonous such that it begins to kill what we are originally wired for and how we are originally wired to act and relate

We must, however, come to a point of self-actualization and begin to live in that reality. At first, they won't accept but the truth of the matter is nobody argues with a changed life producing result. They will eventually see it.

It is not rebellion but remember they have lived and you must live too. They will account for their lives and you will account for yours separately too.

This world joined us all and it will still be the one separate us

Hence we must understand what the source of our life wants for us. Sometimes what the source of our life wants for us. It doesn't tally with what the channel through whom we came want for us.

Because at the end of it all, there is going to be a separation and the burden of the decision you've made either because of them or because of eventually lies solely on your shoulders

I know it's not easy, but you've got to be intentional about life

You are not here for entertainment or to add to numbers. God wasn't bored and then sent you here for entertainment. We are here for something serious.

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